Review #74 - Deadflower By Cxrest!

Review by creatingames on Friday, September 6th 2013
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Deadflower is a game created by cxrest

I often like to go back a few pages on the featured games list to see how games have changed over time, but I honestly prefer how shooters were two or three years back to what they are like today. While looking for a game to play, Deadflower's thumbnail caught my eye. After beating the game with a time of almost ten minutes, I decided to give this game a review.

Deadflower features the use of the hardly ever used spike glitch puzzle a lot of the times during the game. It is quite a clever puzzle in my opinion, but it did start to get repetitive as cxrest used it a lot of times during the game. I think the game could have done with different puzzles during the game instead of just the spike glitch.

Deadflower has a decent challenge in it. I beat this game on my first attempt, with pretty low health, but I was quite surprised to see that I was the only user on the scoreboard apart from cxrest himself. Deadflower didn't have much enemies in apart from the three spider key battles, but it did also have a lack of health to give the game a good amount of difficulty.

Deadflower honestly bored me after a while with half the game just being based around the glitch, but it did have some pretty good action sequences involving enemies. There wasn't exactly anything special that completely stood out, but it was able to keep me entertained.

I felt that Deadflower was a bit too tightly spaced, and could have been more open, as there wasn't that much room around most of the time. The spider boss battles had a decent amount of space in my opinion, but everything else was too tightly packed for me.

The enemy placement was pretty average. There were a couple of times where it was quite original, but most of the time, it was just an enemy placed in it's own space. I would have liked to see mortars on top of obstacles and disruptor's behind rocks. Those kind of things just to make the enemy placement more exciting than it was.

Deadflower was quite creative. I liked how you went from the playfield to out of the playfield because of the spike glitch, but I would have liked to see some enemies in the dark areas. When you were in the dark areas, you just had to find your way to the next spike, so I would have liked some more action in those parts.

Deadflower had some scenery in it. It wasn't exactly full of art through out the whole game, but it had obstacles and an interesting playfield shaped which made the game look good enough to play rather than just plain old paths with nothing to make the game look good.


Overall, Deadflower is a pretty good game. It kept me well entertained, although it did have a few flaws, but I don't think that it would still be feature worthy today, yet it would have been good in its day.