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Review by creatingames on Monday, December 16th 2013
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Fragger is a game created by netshark

Fragger is a challenging and fairly puzzling PPG made by netshark. It includes some great graphics and is very fun to play. I also think that is has a unique concept and it isn't too hard to play either.

Netshark is a user who hasn't made many games recently, but has recently made Fragger for his first game in a while. Netshark also usually makes a platform or a shooter though, so I was quite surprised to hear he was making a PPG. When the game came out, I couldn't wait to play it, as I'd seen some great screenshots on the forums.

The graphics in Fragger are great as they are very detailed and very cartoon-like at the same time. Fragger is a game that doesn't look too realistic, but I like that because it really fits in with the game. I also like how the game doesn't look too dull either, as a lot of users would just leave a lot of the game blank. But netshark did a great job with the scenery as he put it some great graphics in to the background as well as some good scenery to make the game look well designed.

Fragger also has a very unique concept as I haven't really seen it before. It is very similar to Angry birds as the objectives are to knock birds over, but I've not really seen this done in a PPG before so it is unique which I like. What I also thought was unique is how Fragger had it's own style to it. The only time I've seen this sort of concept been used is when people have tried to do similar to angry birds, but netshark did his own graphics and own scenery so it doesn't look much like Angry Birds at all.

Fragger has a great amount of difficulty in it because it isn't too hard to beat and the levels gradually get harder. I couldn't beat it, but I got to level 7, and most people should be able to get far enough in to the game rather than just getting in to the second or third level.

Fragger is very fun to play and I never got bored playing it. It entertained me and I only quit because I couldn't beat it, not because I was bored. Generally, I leave a game because it's boring, but instead, I left Fragger because I couldn't beat it.

Fragger has also got a few puzzles in. I liked them because they got you thinking and they were challenging. They weren't too obvious yet they weren't too difficult at the same time. Netshark also made it so the switches were in a different colour, so it's easy to spot what you need to hit. I also thought it was great that some puzzles were included rather than there just needing to be birds being hit for the whole game.

I think that Fragger had some very simple controls in it which I liked because I don't like things to get too confusing in a game. It was simply just using the mouse to decide where you want to shoot and you click to shoot, which is all that is needed because Fragger is a great game, so it doesn't need extra controls in, such as a power bar, because I think the simpleness suits this game.

Fragger was very addicting for me as it was very fun and also because when you lose, you think, 'oh, I know what to do now." That's what makes a game addicting because when you have no idea what to do and you're bored of the game, you quit, so netshark did well to make this game addicting by making it fun and not too challenging.

One thing that I really liked though is how netshark made it so that when you run out of balls to throw, you'd lose. I honestly don't know how it works as I'm not so sure how to do it, but for me it shows how netshark put in extra effort to do extra things that weren't completely necessary such as that. There were a couple of other things that netshark did as well though to make the game a bit better, which weren't completely necessary, such as extra graphics and making it so you can move the ball across the ground with your mouse.

Overall, Fragger is a great, challenging, puzzling PPG game which netshark has clearly put a lot of effort in to, which also includes some great graphics.



Unique concept

Decent difficulty


Challenging puzzles

Simple controls


Lots of effort


I can't think of any

Score: 5/5


Fragger Reviewed by creatingames on Monday, December 16th 2013. Fragger By Netshark! - A game review written by creatingames for the game 'Fragger' by netshark. Rating: 5