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Review by creatingames on Sunday, May 3rd 2015
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Helpless is a game created by lordeldar


Hello, and welcome to my 85th review and today I will be reviewing Helpless by lordeldar. Now this game very much came to my surprise, all of a sudden, lord was just there like "Yo, play my new game," and I'm like wait there was no HYPE or anything and this is a proper game. And it was. I had a bit of an idea he was making a game because I've seen glimpses of it before but honestly wasn't expecting him to publish a game anytime soon seeing as he didn't mention much about it. Anyway, Helpless has been featured already and that makes me feel helpless because I've had Bloody Rose published for a week and it's just stood lying there. Well hopefully I'll get there in the end and make it feature worthy, if it isn't already now I've made a few changes. Anyway this a review on helpless, not a talk on Bloody Rose (*ahem* please go on my profile and play it though) SO LET'S GET ON WITH THE REVIEW.

So this game starts off with a pretty interesting puzzle. I've not seen it used before but it wasn't hard nor was it overly obvious. It took me a couple of attempts but I got there in the end and I'd hope that anyone with a decent enough brain would be able to get past it. The start of the game for me had some interesting sequences involving disruptors especially as you had to rush through to get passed. There was also a bit done using heavy cruisers and turrets although the problem with this is that I killed every single one of them either by using bots or shooting through the walls, making the game a little bit easy and boring. Later on the game though, the sequences got harder and less easy to bypass, which I like to see because games in my opinion should get harder as they go on, but because I saved so much health from the start using my bots and pellets through the walls, it wasn't at all a problem for me.

Lord has put a lot of creativity in to this game I feel. There are lots of unique, challenging sequences and are really fun to play. I really liked the spider key boss battles as well. They're very interesting, and what I like is that they're not very cramped, you have lots of room and with these there's enemies to make it more difficult and not just your average, dull boring spider battle. Bugmeisters and disruptors in this game are probably the only sequences that I found much of a challenge. Most of the other sequences I found quite easy, maybe because I'm quite skilled, although I did like them and they weren't just a walk in the park, you have to put a little bit of thought in to them.

I like the enemy variety in Helpless. I think lord has used at least half of the different enemies in the creator and has placed them quite creatively in some interesting positions. There were two parts of the game I particularly liked; one was where there is a disruptor and a bugmeister and you have to rush your way without getting caught by the disruptor otherwise you're screwed. The other one is where there are two disruptors, one on each side, and you have to hit the switch, rush back so you don't get caught, destroy the weak blocks in the distance and then rush back through again to go through the teleporter. I particularly liked both of these parts because they were challenging and required thought to be put in to them. These sort of sequences in the game are mainly the parts of the game that makes it challenging in my opinion because mess up and you're screwed.

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Overall, this game deserves a 4/5. In my opinion, this game is definitely feature worthy and I'd say it's one of lord's most original shooters yet. With some creative, fun, challenging sequences in there, that's what makes this game really enjoyable. This game deserved it's feature and I recommended you go playing this game if you haven't already.


Helpless Reviewed by creatingames on Sunday, May 3rd 2015. "Help Me!" Okay, I'll Just Use My Bots. - A game review written by creatingames for the game 'Helpless' by lordeldar. Rating: 4