Review #89 - 'Path Of Solitude' By Robygamesro!

Review by creatingames on Sunday, June 7th 2015
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Path of Solitude is a game created by robygamesro


Path of Solitude is an adventure robot game made by robygamesro. Playing some of his games before, I can confirm robygamesro is a pretty good game maker. He has never made a robot game before so it was a game I'd expect to have a few flaws in. He has had a few featured games before so I was expecting a decent game.


Path of Solitude was a well made, entertaining game that flowed pretty well because it was challenging, fun and creative. I generally had a good time playing the game because there were a lot of enemies to keep me going and new enemy sequences on the way. The game was also challenging because it had a lot of enemies to keep me on the go. It had a reasonable amount of health placed in to begin with so I could get quite far into the game. There was a fair variety of enemies including robots and mortars which for me kept the game interesting as there new enemies to await. The enemy placement was pretty good because they were well structured and weren't just all over the place. There were unique spider boss battles featuring mortars and one with turrets and acid to make it more enjoyable and challenging. I enjoyed playing the spider boss battles because there were enemies alongside to make it more intense.

Path of Solitude was very well laid out. There was interesting scenery using different polygons such as ice poly's and artwork including trees and fancy designs using the outlines of the map. The game consistently looked good because robygamesro kept his scenery up throughout the whole game. I was impressed by the side quests in the game because it gave you an option to retrieve additional power ups. Side quests are something I'd like to see more in games because they are unique and give the player a more role to the game. I also admired the optional pathways as I could take any route I'd like in some places and opened the game up a little bit. It makes me feel like I'm exploring the game more rather than being restricted to taking just the one path.

I discovered the game play was slow paced because of the speed the robot went and it is ideal to avoid this in robot games because the robot moves around quite slow. There were times where the game had too much health, mainly towards the end of the game. My health bar was over full up because there was so much health given out, especially because there were quite a few mega healths towards the end of the game. The teleporters were a bit messed up as you can enter back through one you already entered and go to a place where you didn't come from before, and this happened to me on one occasion with a purple teleporter. I was going all over the place and I think I skipped part of the game out because of this which is unfortunate, but hey, every game has its mini errors which can sometimes lead to major mistakes.

Overall: ___.5/_____


In conclusion, Path of Solitude was a decent game and I believe robygamesro did a pretty good job. It was challenging, fun and creative, wasn't quite feature worthy in my opinion, but it could do with a bit of work on its flaws then roby could earn a feature in the future. I recommend you playing this game if you haven't given it a go yet.


Path of Solitude Reviewed by creatingames on Sunday, June 7th 2015. Review #89 - 'Path Of Solitude' By Robygamesro! - A game review written by creatingames for the game 'Path of Solitude' by robygamesro. Rating: 3