Another Great Game From Staylor 'Foundered'

Review by creatingames on Sunday, February 27th 2011
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Foundered. is a game created by staylor21fan

Welcome to my fourth review. Today I will be doing a review on 'Foundered' by staylor21fan. First off, this game was requested to be reviewed by staylor21fan and I thought that I should review it. This game doesn't have a storyline so that means I didn't know why it was called 'Foundered.' Now lets take a look at this game.

I'll walk you through a small amount of the game. When you start off you go onto some block tiles then back off them again to continue going along a path. You then go pass an energy beam then a one way door. I don't understand the point in the one way door because there's no need to go back to the start again anyway. Next you have to try and get pass a Thug then you go up some block tiles then try to avoid losing health from a crusher. I like the way staylor has placed that crusher here because your most likely to lose health and you normally don't lose any from just one crusher.

Now staylor has done a good job in this game and there aren't many bad ideas, but one thing I didn't like was the hidden ladder. Now here there is just hope that you don't fall off so you don't have to start climbing up it again. I know it doesn't take long to get back up it though.

We now move on to the traps. One trap was two steamers under a green permanent switch which will trap you until you lose a life, so you have to try to avoid the steamers. Now I like that trap because I've not see it very often before, but the one thing that ruins it is that your most likely to get trapped there so you might not want to play the game again. The other one wasn't so good because it was quite easy to avoid. That was you have to touch a green switch that will help you avoid go down a one way trap door into a lava pool. Sometimes staylor adds in a puzzle and I think that this game could of done with one, even an invisible switch that removes a burst tile will do.

So lets look at the enemy placement. The first enemy you come across is a Thug, it's always best to start off with an easy enemy so you can get used to the game. There is also a Rocky blocking a life and a crystal and you have to find a rail gun if you don't want to lose any health from it, I like that as well. I feel there were too many Thugs in this game but I don't mind that.

It's time for the power-ups now. The power-ups were great. You get a weapon for the right enemy and at the end of level 1, I was nearly out of health. I think staylor could of done with no extra lives in this game and then not have a level 2 though.

So you know about the traps, the enemy placement and the power ups, now you'll know about the scenery. Now the scenery was amazing. The wall panels are put in very well and the Tiki torches made a brilliant effect.

'Foundered' is a brilliant game and I think it deserves more views than just thirty eight.

Ratings (Out of 10):

Power-ups: 9/10

Enemy Placment: 10/10

Scenery: 10/10

Action: 9/10

Addictiveness: 8/10

Traps: 5/10

Overall: 8.5/10

Staylor has done a great job here and it was just what I was expecting.


Foundered. Reviewed by creatingames on Sunday, February 27th 2011. Another Great Game From Staylor 'Foundered' - A game review written by creatingames for the game 'Foundered.' by staylor21fan. Rating: 4