[MR] I've 'Piqued' A Good Game To Review!

Review by creatingames on Monday, April 25th 2011
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Piqued! is a game created by oggie77

This is [MR] where you might just find a miracle review.


It's another game from oggie77 and I know he is great at shooters. He put lots of thought and effort into his recent shooters, and hopefully, it'll be the same in this game.


Welcome to my twenty second review and my eighteenth [MR]. Today I'll be doing a review on 'Piqued!' by oggie77. The storyline was interesting, not the best of them but was pretty good. It didn't really help me understand why it was called 'Piqued!' and what the word actually means though. Now lets take a look at this game.


Looks like a nice start to the game. No enemies, no health, nothing apart from the ship and the play field. Now I like to see a slow start to the game and it looks like that here. It looks like he'd put alot of time and effort in the thumbnail here as well, but it is a bit boring from just a dark colour - black.

Beginning of the Game

It was a nice start to the game, no enemies which is fabulous so you can get used to the game. I just don't see the point in the Switch Poly though is the thing that lets it down, but looking at the radar to see the brilliant art work entertained me.

Puzzles and Traps

Now I noticed both puzzles and traps in this game. I came across a few puzzles and traps, some obvious, some not so obvious. They were all well placed I'd say and there was a puzzle that I noticed that if you don't master it right, you're trapped.


Now it's time for the enemy placement. This was okay, some were placed in a few bad positions. I didn't like the Tanks at the start of the game but apart from that, there weren't many bad enemies placed. I lost health from pretty much every enemy though was is great. Next is the health placement. This is like the enemy placement in a way, some were placed in bad positions and some were placed in good positions. There were a few times I got health when I didn't need it much but it is still a challenging game though.


Action, the final aspect I'm going to about in this game. This was good, not great. You're doing something most of the time, but it did start to get slightly boring at some parts.


Interesting Storyline

Nice Thumbnail and Beginning

Great Puzzles and Traps


Boring Gamefield

A Bit Boring

Health Placed Early

Ratings (Out of Five):

Puzzles and Traps: ____/_____
Placements: ___/_____
Action: ___/_____


Overall, this game deserves a 3.3/5. Altogether, this was a good game and I'm sort of looking forward too oggie77's next shooter.

This has been a miracle review!


Piqued! Reviewed by creatingames on Monday, April 25th 2011. [MR] I've 'Piqued' A Good Game To Review! - A game review written by creatingames for the game 'Piqued!' by oggie77. Rating: 0.5