I'm Back?!??!?!!?!!!1!?1/!!?!?

By cutegamemaker911 :: Wednesday September 24th, 2014


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HULLO GAME MAKERS. I've returned from the abyss! I can't believe how long ago this was. WELL HERE IS AN UPDATE: I am now 18, living in Chicago attending Columbia College Chicago. I'm majoring in Game Design with a concentration in Game Art (ironic, huh?), and I'm minoring in American Sign Language Interpretation. I owe it to Sploder and the community for helping me discover my path in life! It's a tough industry, but god is it remarkable to be in. I love you all, and I hope to give you some more games in the future when I have the freetime to explore the new tools Sploder has created. Thanks guys! Feel free to check out my art blog at gioiaart.tumblr.com


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