Space Station Adventure DEMO

By d4shmcwr3ck :: Monday January 25th, 2016


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This is my 2nd Game! I'm hoping to get a Partner to help me make some more games and faster! The DEMO only took 1-3 Days to make cause i had to make up the idea and how its gonna be put into the game! The full game may take a couple weeks, probably a Month. Who knows? Ask questions to me on my profile, in the comments section of it!(I'll answer 1 question at a time!) Survival Shooter 2 is also Planned to be made and a Physic Puzzle Game! So that's a lot of work too, but hey, i can work at 1 AT A TIME, not all at once! Also check out my Youtube Channel! I will put it on my Profile, so you can subscribe to me! :)


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