Unlock Tabuu and Naruto in Brawl

By darkpokeball :: Thursday August 6th, 2009


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Brawl=SSBB I still play it, just not as much. Here is how to unlock Tabuu and Naruto! Tabuu- In Subspace, get to The Great Maze. Do not beat it! If you have beat Subspace, you are screwed. Get to Tabuu. And make sure that you have your party in this order: Mario, Kirby, anybody you want, Samus, and the rest you choose. Make sure you die as Mario with 415 damage, die as Kirby with 312 damage, die as the people you chose with 400 damage, and Samus has to get Tabuu to one health point. As taunting as it is to kill Tabuu with teh next person, you must follow the rules. When it asks you to continue, hit get up, and before it loads, press 1 and 2 rapidly. Then, do suicided with everyone at 0 damage. Go to BRAWL, hold B, and select your char. Hold B until the match starts. Ta-Da! You're playing as Tabuu. ..............................................................Naruto-You have to have Sora for this cheat. If you want Sora, find the hidden door in Great Maze at Intense or something difficulty by using a hack of unlimited Jump on any char. I forgot the code though. Alright, back to Naruto. As Sora, who can't attack or super jump for some reason, play 50 brawls in Green Greens, then run back and forth. You have to be alive for the 3:00 time without gaining damage or else you'll vanish and then, you get stuck with just the computer walking around.Basically time to 3 minutes, play as Sora against anybody in Green Greens and don't get damage at all and don't quit. After that, Sora should've been replaced by Naruto. Naruto only has 1 attack and can't use a final smash because he'll vanish, but who cares? The creators probaly had these chars game data in SSBB just never used it!


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