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By darut1234 :: Wednesday August 13th, 2008


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A lone soldier on the field of battle. A man going against all odds alone. This is the story of Sean Cannecky, a young man with a troubled childhood, who, after dropping out of school, became a soldier in the USAAA - The United Station of Angry Ass-kicking Assassin, a government army made to unite all willing - and nonwilling - soldiers, no matter where they may hail. Sean is given a mission to find the Pyro-sand dessert, a dessert covered completly with crystals. To get there Sean must locate 3 keys. The first one is in a military base, code-named SCREWED. The second one is in a prison. He'll have to sneak carefully past the guards to find it. The third one is cleaverly hidden inside a Super Mario game. The path to the Pyro Sand Dessert is one that, unless Sean is steady, will kill him. He'll also have to survive a black hole. What had Sean gotten himself into?--------------This game is a combination of many different games. I put in Screwed, Prison Escape, (The one that has about 4,000 views) Black Hole, Pyro Sand Dessert, Steady Now, The One, and Super Mario Land. Enjoy!


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