It Isn't Really A Game. 2/5

Review by darut1234 on Wednesday, February 2nd 2011
Click to play Glitch1

Glitch1 is a game created by james9270

I'll tell you right now what kind of games get a 0/5 for me: Games where the person behind them didn't even try to make the game fun to play, come up with their own idea, or even attempt to put any effort into their level. Glitch1 isn't that kind of game.

It's a glitch game. And I don't begrudge James9270 for creating it. It's showcasing something that he noticed that he thought was weird, and wanted to share with us. He isn't begging for views. He isn't copying someone else. He's just showing us something he thought was interesting.

And the glitch actually is fairly interesting, and I feel like it took a sharp eye and mind to notice it and re-create it for presentation. And for that, I give James9270 credit.

My problem with this game is that it isn't a game. It's more like a very short presentation, which doesn't exactly require skill to win. In fact, it's not even possible to win.

This is all fine, because it's a glitch game, not an actual game. The thing is, why did this win the contest? Isn't the contest for actual games? Sure, it's creative, but it isn't exactly a life-changing experience.

In the end, you'll wanna play this game, because it certainly is clever. It just isn't really the type of game that should win a contest.