PM Invention Making a Doll

By deathwarrant83 :: Thursday April 25th, 2013


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Making a Doll I'm posting a simplified version of the instructions because there is SO many thing you can do/add to this it's really up to you. You can get wild with the shapes but lets do a simple human for starters. 1.Make you Body object. 2. make two pieces for 1 arm (were going to copy so just make one set) 3. Make two pieces for 1 leg 4 Now,connect the leg pieces with a pin joint. To do this correctly... 5. Add a pin joint to the Bottom Leg and set the "Green Hand" to the very edge of the Top Leg. 6. Now move the "White Dot" end of the pin joint to the very edge of the Bottom Leg. 7. Now grab the Bottom Leg and drag it up to merge with the Top Leg. The pin joint should just be a white dot or an X in a green circle. this means its "Pinned" together. 8. Now put a pin joint on the Top leg and repeat the steps to attach it to the bottom of the Body ( You can copy this leg but you have to reset the pin joint for the Top Leg-Body connection) 9. Now the Arms. Connect them using the same method, starting with the "Forearm" 10. If you wish to copy the arm do it before you attach it to the body and just add the pin joint afterwards (trust me) 11. The head is simple, just add a pin joint to it the same way and pin it to the body. Note-Now that you have the method for attaching limbs you can add weapons,hands, feet, wings, whatever! You probably want to add some kind of movement to your doll as well. Now it's time to get creative. How do you want your doll to move? there are tons of ways you can alter the dolls mechanics. I'll just list a few. Set all the body part properties to cloud and add draggers, movers and sliders. You can alter the sensor layers as well if you don't want certain parts passing thru each other. set the head properties for Balloon to keep it from swiveling around so much, it will tend to stay "heads up". Now take this and get creative with it!


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