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Review by demonxz95 on Saturday, October 4th 2014
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Biohazard is a game created by crunchynut


Hey guys, this is Demonxz95 welcoming you to a review of Biohazard by Crunchynut.

Now Crunchynut is a renowned Shooter creator who has been here for 6 years now, since the time when the Shooter creator was the only creator (and it was just the Ship shooter). On to the review.


And to think 6 years of experience with the Shooter creator would lead to many great shooters, that’s what Crunchynut is all about. Biohazard not only continues that trend, but raises it.

Making thumbnails is one of Crunchynut’s biggest skills at game making, and as a result, the thumbnail for this game is incredible and follows the title of the game well. This is easily one of the best thumbnails on the site.

Now speaking of the thumbnail and the title, it seems that the game takes place in some toxic laboratory. Against my predictions, it takes place in what I call “The Everything Cave”. I call it that because it seems to take place in a cave, a laboratory and it apparently has a river. Seems weird, doesn't it? Nonetheless, I like how Crunchynut made everything work. The game doesn't really relate to toxic. Only thing I can think of that does are the mud polies that appear from time to time. Besides that, I don’t really know what toxic has to do with the game. Then again, I didn't get to the end of the game.

The use of messages throughout the game not only have a story aspect to the game but it also gives players the feeling that they really are in whatever location the area is supposed to be. The way Crunchynut characterizes everything in the game has that effect too. An example would be how he characterizes a nitro box (unintentional Crash Bandicoot reference) as a power box. In general, it put that little spice in the game that makes it a lot more than just a regular RPG.

The scenic value of the game puts the icing on the cake and this cake has a lot of icing. The rocks at the start (and first major section) of the game really makes the place feel like a cave. I really like how all the switches approaching the first major area makes it feel like the place actually has been cave in rather than just using a switch to block a path. The scenery and characterization of everything in the major areas really makes it feel like a base of some sort. The characterization is really well made. What I love about this is that he even made a medkit out of polygons. Coming into the second or third huge area of the game, you will approach an underground river. Not really sure why that’s there but it’s pretty cool.

The placement and frequency of enemies in the game added a challenge aspect to the game to make it a bit of a challenge in certain areas but not so much that you want to rip all of your hair out. Placement of objects was good too as there is never an item that’s SO useful in an area that you need to travel miles away to do something to be able to get it (or unlock it since you get all the object in the game because some are just used as scenery).

And now it is time for the ratings:

• Creativity: 10/10

• Addictiveness: 9/10

• Thumbnail: 10/10

• Gameplay: 9/10

• Storyline: 9/10

• Scenery: 9/10

• Placement: 9/10

• Overall: 9/10

That’s a lot of 9/10 and all the ratings here were either 9 or 10/10’s but that just shows how this game is made and there isn't anything majorly bad about the game.


• Creative

• Addictive

• Amazing thumbnail

• Brilliant Gameplay

• Great storyline

• Very scenic

• Well placed items

• Makes the game seem larger than it actually is.

• Game is fairly straightforward.


• Has no cons, yep that’s a con.


Overall, this is a brilliant shooter RPG (I think this is an RPG) and you should try it if you haven’t. That being said, this is Demonxz95 saying, thanks for reading my review. I’m going to take a disco nap now.


Biohazard Reviewed by demonxz95 on Saturday, October 4th 2014. [First Review] - The Everything Cave - A game review written by demonxz95 for the game 'Biohazard' by crunchynut. Rating: 4.5