Love And Minjaze, Love And Minjaze... Go Together Like A Horse And Appraise.

Review by demonxz95 on Tuesday, February 14th 2017

This I tell you, brother, you can't have one without the other

(or maybe you can, who knows for sure.


Hey guys, this is Demonxz95 reviewing another Platformer, this time one that I think is feature worthy. Here we have Minjazes Valentines Adventure, by, well Minjaze. Who did you think it was going to be by, Mat7772? Now, Minjaze doesn't publish games too often, but he does have a pretty good track record of making good games, so let's see how this one will hold up in comparison to some of his other games.

Now, it is Valentine's Day today at the time of both Minjaze publishing the game, and me reviewing it, so naturally the game is going to be about love. Or is it? The game description states that the game is about Minjaze being lonely on Valentine's Day because he has no girlfriend, so he's going to kill Cupid. Once you get into the game though, the story goes past the simple description. Speaking of getting into the game, the first thing you see is that this is another Platformer with a lot of graphics. Minjaze put a lot of effort into the scenery in this game, more so than ~a certain person did in a certain game (not pointing any fingers)~. It really pays off because the game is really nice to look at. Once you reach level 2, you'll see pink walls which cleverly try to hide the enemy health bars (Minjaze, I have to ask you, was that intentional, or was that just a happy accident?) which is an absolutely genius idea. I've never seen that done before.

This game is very clever and creative with lots of cool areas. I like the part in level 1 where you jump on a bouncer and you shoot up into space. I like the part in level 1 where you're riding up an elevator whilst avoiding a bunch of obstacles. I like the aforementioned pink walls in level 2. I like the boss battle in level 3. There's lots of creative design in this game in which combined with the graphics is making this a really great game so far.

The difficulty isn't too hard either so even if you're not that experienced in Platformers, you can easily start the game up, play it and have fun. There's also a lot of humor in this game, in the context of referencing popular Sploder members and giving them some small cameos, as well some humorous dialogue but the game never goes overboard with humor and it doesn't turn the game into a big joke. It's rather simply a nice little bonus feature added into a real, actually playable game which is really nice. The game is overall very well made. There aren't any poorly placed enemies, no excruciatingly difficult areas, no cheap tricks, and game was fun.

The game is pretty short though. Only 3 levels long, and the levels aren't extremely long either, but that doesn't take away from the huge positives that this game offers. I bring this up however because I feel that the game's short length may disappoint some players. It only took me about 5 and a half minutes to complete the game, and I wasn't even trying to go very fast. It's a mini-game, but a really good one at that.

Pros and Cons




Looks great

Not too difficult

Nothing in the game was poorly made.


The short length might disappoint some players.


So, this is my review of Minjazes Valentines Adventure. If you don't mind the short length, this is a very good game and it's absolutely deserving of its feature. It's definitely worth trying out, so if you're reading this review (and hopefully you are), you really should try out this game.

This has been Demonxz95. See you in my next review.