Spotlight Of A Lesser Known Game Maker.

Review by demonxz95 on Sunday, April 2nd 2017
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Block Slide is a game created by 222solar222


Hey guys, this is Demonxz95 here bringing you a review of Block Slide from 222solar222. Ever heard of him? Probably not, but that's about to change. Normally, I review games from the featured list made by elite game makers that everyone knows. This time however, I'm reviewing a game from a game maker that isn't very well known. Could Solar (I'm just going to call him "Solar" for the purpose of the review) be an underrated gem in the Sploder game making scene?


As one can probably guess from the title and the thumbnail, this game is based around slide puzzles. You know, those block puzzles where you have to slide them around unoccupied spaces to form a picture (or in this case, get an object somewhere)? Yeah, I've always hated those because they were always very difficult. Nonetheless, I do not hate this game. The gameplay of the game is about what you'd expect from a game called "Block Slide". You move blocks of different shapes, sizes and colors (though colors is just an aesthetic part) around to get the red square to the end. To be honest, I'm surprised I haven't seen a game like this before.

It's a game that requires a lot of thinking and close looking to play because you need to be able to spot where you can move the pieces and think about the space you create for other pieces to go when you move them. Look at the thumbnail of this review and see how you can figure out the level. At first, it starts off very straightforward and easy. The field starts out small with a very easy solution. As the game goes on, the playing field gets bigger, more shapes and put in, and you get introduced to keys later on (them obviously being needed to open the exit gate). Even if sometimes, later levels are easier than previous ones, the overall difficulty curve of the game is pretty good. It never ever takes a giant leap in one direction. The difficult overall is pretty well balanced as well. It challenged my mind to find to find out what I was meant to do, but I never felt that the game was too hard.

In addition to that, the game looks nice too because Solar used a variety of different shades of red, purple, and pink for each block to make the game more colorful to look at. If every block was the exact same color, the game would look really dull and have absolutely nothing going in it, but nope, Solar was one step ahead of us.

So far, I've been praising the heck out of this game, but truth be told, the game isn't flawless. The main problem with the game is that the blocks sometimes don't move the way they're supposed to, because one pixel of a certain block can be in the way, forcing you to move it up to try to clear the path because the blocks needed to be in pixel perfect positions to allow the other blocks to move. I don't think this is the person's fault but it can sometimes be annoying. Sometimes, the blocks even look like they're pixel perfect, but they aren't. This problem doesn't happen extremely often, and is easily fixable most of the time, but it's still worth pointing out. Another problem, and this goes for all of Solar's games, not just this one, is that every level (except the intro and final level) use the exact same song. This may be a bit nitpicky, but I think the game would've been better if he used different songs for each level, because the music can get boring after a while and it also feels a bit lazy to be honest.

Pros and Cons





Difficulty curve and balance


A bit glitchy at times.

Most levels use the same song which makes the music boring and lazy after a while.


I do think this game deserved a feature (which I gave by the way). It's a really neat game from a game maker who's not very well known but has a LOT of potential. Overall, I'd give this game an 8/10. It's one of the better PPG's I've played recently and I recommend you give it a try. This has been Demonxz95, I hope you enjoyed my review. See you in the next one.


Block Slide Reviewed by demonxz95 on Sunday, April 2nd 2017. Spotlight Of A Lesser Known Game Maker. - A game review written by demonxz95 for the game 'Block Slide' by 222solar222. Rating: 0.5