A Brief, Early Snowstorm

Review by demonxz95 on Sunday, October 29th 2017
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Blizzard is a game created by moamo


Hello readers, this is Demonxz95 here with a new review. This time, we'll be looking at a game called Blizzard by a member named Moamo. Now if any of you were to ask if I know about this member, my answer would be no. In fact, today was the very first time I'd ever heard about this member in my entire history of this site. Popularity however doesn't mean everything. Most people didn't know about Makever until he made Jumpie and Cooperators. Nowadays, I don't think I need to tell you who he is. Moamo however did get this game (as well as his other two games) featured which is why I'm playing it now and why it caught my attention.


Paying attention to simply the name alone, "Blizzard" would tell you that the game probably has a snowy winter setting and the thumbnail of the game confirms this as well. It's late October at the time of writing this review, meaning Winter's almost here and people will start making snow themed games though snow themed levels are already a pretty common trope in most platform games.

But now getting into the actual game, the game is very relaxed. It doesn't require you to use your brain to solve intense puzzles where you have to stop any analyze everything. Instead, it's a game you can easily play at your own leisure and chill out (no pun intended). In a world where there are many plats that contain strings of unorthodox, complex puzzles often needing very specific things to go right and only elite gamers would have a chance to complete, this is a nice breath of fresh air. It's a game that absolutely anyone can play at any time. In short, the game is simple and not too strenuous on anything. The games seems mostly a mix of exploration and a little bit of combat. Throughout the game, you often explore every inch of the map given to you multiple times over with some enemies to fight along the way. Some small and others larger like the large samurai at the end of level 1.

Most of the game is simply going to one place, doing something, going somewhere else, rinse and repeat with the occasional enemy to defeat. This sounds like it would get very monotonous after a while, but the game is very short so it doesn't feel that way at all. The game is only 2 levels long and neither of the levels take very much time to complete as even on your first playthrough, figuring out where to go should be pretty easy. If you're particularly good at Platformers, one could probably beat this game in less than 5 minutes. The short length might come as a disappointment to some, but trying to go much longer would probably make the game a bit on the tedious side. The game being shorter means that it can be a good time waster you can play at any time and the difficulty being easily accessible means the game has probably the most flexible play time possible. It's not like some games where you'll need hours of free time to complete the game in one sitting. This is a very quick in-and-out that anyone can play because of how accessible it is and it's not everyday that you see a game like this.

Another thing about this game that is really nice would be the scenery. This would probably be another reason that the game is so short as putting the amount of effort into the scenery for many more levels as he did for the 2 in this game would take a very long to do. It probably take long enough just for the scenery in the game already. There's a large amount of variety of tiles everywhere in the game which makes the game look really nice. So far this review has been mostly just praise, but one thing in this game that could probably use some better work would be the placement. Although, nothing in the game is placed terrible with no care whatsoever, no everything was placed perfectly. One such example would the middle crusher in the crusher section in level 1 that goes up from the floor rather than down from the ceiling. It may not obvious to everyone that the best way to get through this would be a backflip jump as trying to do this regularly without the backflip jump may result in getting hurt or even stuck on one of the crushers. In level 2, there's also a jump from a small blue ring platform up to a higher platform that will require a sword climb, but even then, may need multiple attempts unless you get lucky. Neither of these are particularly bad though and powerup placement was perfectly fine.


This is a short and simple little game that despite it's length and simplicity, is a lot of fun and very effortful. Even if you're not particularly a fan of Platformers, you should try this game out as the game is very accessible to where everyone can play it. I'd say it definitely deserves it's feature and this makes me very excited for any of Moamo's future projects.