Triggered pt. 1

By diagrams :: Thursday July 6th, 2017


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Phew,after all of that work Triggered part 1 is out. Some levels are easier than others. Some are harder than others. If you find any mistakes in the game put what you found in the comments below and I will try and fix it as soon as possible (ASAP) and all I can say now is to enjoy!!! :) XD Also any1 who gets on the leaderboard gets an award...I mean whoever gets the fastest time. All right let's get to the plot. Sometime in the future in year 3000 lightsabers were created and really nice costumes were created like Luke Skywalker. But for some reason you were taken to prison in space. Now you have to escape before it is too late and you leave the galaxy. Right now you are in the middle of Earth and Mars.


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