Diseased? Like The Plague?

Review by donsnipz on Sunday, June 15th 2014
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Diseased is a game created by woodchuck

Hi there, Donsnipz here, welcome to another review! I'll be reviewing a game by a member named Woodchuck. I don't know Woodchuck very well, but I do know that he's a great member of Sploder, he's very talented in the Platform creator but only has 1 feature to his name. As well as this he has the reviewer badge himself. Anyway, let us continue.

Game: Diseased

Maker: Woodchuck

Type: Platformer

Genre: Apocalyptic


Now, when I saw the thumbnail I was somewhat bored and disappointed. It was just a path all in one tile. Yes it was the intro but he could've made it in different tiles, it would've looked much better.


After the thumbnail (being a straight path with writing) I knew it was going to be a big game, I enjoyed it and you will as well.

The game play was pretty good in my opinion, it was basically you (the blockhead) exploring this apocalyptic, virus infected world. Saying this at parts I started to get bored as there was barely any puzzles.

Now, I say there's not really a lot puzzles but the action sequences made up for some parts of boredom. Most parts of the game you'll be getting chases by a zombie/mutant or get surprise attacked, for example in the first (real) level you start to run and you trigger a burst tile to go off, a zombie/mutant then drops down and starts to attack. 1 for Woodchuck, he made it so the start was easy, then when you advanced in the game it got harder.

As I've already mentioned, the game lacked puzzles. I understand that it was an RPG, but it could've had a puzzle or two here and there. As well as puzzles, Diseased lacked traps. I didn't get to the end of the game, but from what I played there wasn't a single trap. I, like a lot of other members liked this aspect, it meant we couldn't die or lose by going the wrong way etc. =P But again, he could've put a trap here and there.

Woodchuck, surprisingly put a lot of health in the game, making it fairly easy compared to other featured plats. I suppose you could call it original, but I didn't really like the fact he did it. Simultaneously it made the zombie/mutant attack damage do and be worth nothing. =/

Now, aside from the first level the scenery of the game was brilliant! He included a sort of combination if you will, of tiles mixing and matching, it made a very nice effect for the game and the tiles chosen suite perfectly and made the game for me.

Before we do the pros and cons we need to do the placement. Most of the placement was good, but some was quite poor and messy. In level 1 the water and ladders before the magic switch were badly placed, they were placed all over the place and overlapped things quite a bit.


- Good feel of action

- Lack of traps

- Game play (overall)

- Some scenery


- Amount of health given

- Lack of puzzles

- Some scenery

- Thumbnail

Time for the ratings.


Game play: ____/_____

The game was fun to play but there was quite a few things that could have been better and made the game better.

Difficulty: __/_____

Honestly, it was too easy for a featured game. He gave us many, many health packs and various other power-ups.

Action: ___/_____

There was barely any enemies, traps or anything that could cause death. =/

Puzzle: _/_____

Of everything I played, there was very, very few puzzle and were quite easy.

Traps: ___/_____

There were a few traps in the game but there should've been a lot more. As well as this, the traps he did include were easy to get out of and would not kill/harm you.

Scenery: _____/_____

The scenery was brilliant! You can tell he cares and spends time on designs.

Placement: __.5/_____

I found the game sloppy and quite messy.

Originality/Creativity: ___/_____

The game was different, it was new but I've played similar games.

Overall: ___.5/_____

Not a bad score, Disease had some really good aspects and some really poor ones.

Feature Worthy?

In my honest opinion, no. Compared to other featured platformers it was easy. There was a lot of health given, a lack of traps and puzzles and was messy in some places.


Diseased Reviewed by donsnipz on Sunday, June 15th 2014. Diseased? Like The Plague? - A game review written by donsnipz for the game 'Diseased' by woodchuck. Rating: 3