[EGD]A Little Girl On A Big Journey.

Review by dudki on Tuesday, July 9th 2013
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Little Girl is a game created by kittygirl279

Game: Little Girl

Maker: kittygirl279

Type: Retro Arcade


Whaddup everyone, I'm back bringing you my second review from EGD 7. This time we go to the Retro Arcade creator. Because of this brand new creator, we have had a lot of Arcade games entering this year. Nice to see the creator gaining some love. Among them were Little Girl. This game was created by a user named kittygirl279. Now, I have never heard of this user, nor have I seen any of her work, but I had seen screenies and even had a chance to test some of the levels to this game, so I did have an idea of how the gameplay was. Was it good then? Let's find out.

The thumbnail of Little Girl looks interesting. Although it doesn't show any form of unique scene in any way, since a lot of thumbnails looks like this, I did think that this thumbnail looked good. Visually appealing it is.


First of all, I think we might have found ourselves some undiscovered talent here. Little Girl is the only game that kittygirl has made but it is definitely interesting. The game contains a storyline with some funny dialogue, and is very challenging. One thing I want to complain about though, is the difficulty. Holy splode this game gets difficult once you get to level 2. It takes a lot of effort to pass the later levels because of the ever-raising difficulty of this game. You will be facing enemies and hazards all the time and from all sides, and it is really hectic. Lowering the difficulty of this game would really be a plus since the amount of restarts you have to make to get further can get annoying. The rest of the gameplay was very good though, and had a lot of unique elements to it.

Did Little Girl have any action? Heck, most of the game was nothing more than pure action. As I mentioned before with the difficulty, the amount of hazards and enemies placed in this game made the game a living hell going through. Seriously, I don't know how many times I have died in the same stages just because of these endless waves of...EVERYTHING! Even describing how difficult Little Girl is, is diffcult, so i'mma head over to the next segment.

The scenery in Little Girl is amazing. 'Nuff said. Nah, but in all seriousness, the scenery of this was indeed very unique and well-made. Each level features something new, and all of it looks good. Kittygirl made sure not to make the scenery repetetive and has achieved a great result.

The game did have a lot of power-ups. I mentioned a few times already that the game was VERY difficult. Kittygirl did place quite a lot of health packs all around the levels. However, I think either the games needs more health, or more Magic Spells, because you didn't get so many of those, and in order to fight these gigantic waves of enemies, we need something to shoot at them with, don't we?

Here is something more to complain about. The placement. Now, the overall map layout was pretty good I have to admit. The placement of certain objects and enemies needs a little more work in my opinion. Many of the enemies and hazards that were in your way, were in some cases placed so badly that it would be almost impossible for the player to pass the area without losing at least a bit of health, and every bit of health counts in this game. I think that is also part of the reason for why the game was as difficult as it was.


Thumbnail: The game had an appealing thumbnail. Not too unique, but definitely not bad.

Gameplay: Although the difficulty ruined the game a bit, the overall gameplay was very fun and exciting.

Scenery: Unique scenery, with new features for each individual level. Looked very good.


Action: Action is usually good, but this game just had too much. Difficulty level is at Rage.

Power-Ups: Lot of health packs was placed, but judging by the amount of health you lose, it needs more, as well as Magic Spells.

Placement: Layout was good, but the placement of enemies and hazards made the game even more challenging.


Gameplay: 3/5

Difficulty: 5/5

Action: 5/5

Scenery: 5/5

Placement: 2.5/5

Creativity: 3.5/5

Overall: 3/5

It was definitely a fun game. No question there. It really had a lot to offer and contains unique scenes and gameplay. Little Girl was a well-made and thought out game.


So, is it feature-worthy. I think it just barely reaches feature-worthy, but not quite. It did have a lot of flaws which needs to be fixed but it also had a lot of good things. Kittygirl definitely has potential, and if she continues to work like this, she will definitely get a feature eventually.


Little Girl Reviewed by dudki on Tuesday, July 9th 2013. [EGD]A Little Girl On A Big Journey. - A game review written by dudki for the game 'Little Girl' by kittygirl279. Rating: 3