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Review by dudki on Wednesday, July 17th 2013
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A Bit of Respect is a game created by 0minutes

Game: A Bit of Respect

Maker: 0minutes & woodchuck

Type: Platformer


So, it seems that EGD reviewing is going a bit slow, and hopefully this review will get it back on track again. So I have decided to write a review of A Bit of Respect. This was a collaboration between 0minutes and woodchuck, two very skilled platformer makers, so I had a feeling that this game was going to be great. The EGD collaboration results were released today, and it seems that A Bit of Respect won the top spot. Now, was the game truly worthy of such a price, and was it the best collaboration? Let's find out.

I quite liked the thumbnail used to represent A Bit of Respect. It looks good and gives you this spooky feeling. Upon seeing it, I expected this to by just like the storyline foretold, and that got me excited.


A Bit of Respect is a very good game. I can see why this game won the best collaboration. It features an apocalyptic disaster, where three fighters need to survive. One thing I want complain about though, is the difficulty. You face a lot of enemies, and there are tons of challenges to overcome in each level, and with the limited amount of extra lives you are given, it can take you many tries to get far into the game. The rest of the game turned out great though, and the theme suited well with the story, making the overall experience playing A Bit of Respect much better.

Action was one of the focal points of A Bit of Respect. You would spend a lot of time in each level fighting the evil zombie waves. The first couple levels were alright, but as you got to level 5 and upward, I noticed that the action did get a bit out of hand, and I had a hard time keeping myself alive. Reducing the action by lowering the amount of enemies just a bit, would have made a noticable difference.

What about puzzles? Some levels did actually feature puzzles. The thing is though, woodchuck and 0minutes made sure to make them simple, and not requiring too much effort to solve. At least, they added something extra to the game, and it's great to see that they found some places were puzzles could be included into their game.

Let me just go ahead and give A Bit of Respect to the creators of this game. They didn't include too many traps. Yes, it did contain a couple, some which could just make you lose some health, and also some which would hinder you from going further in the game. I liked the amount of traps placed in the game, because there wasn't too many, causing rage-quits.

The scenery in this game was very well-made. A thing that I liked, is the fact that the scenery in each level adapted, to fit perfectly to represent the scene you found yourself in. That shows true talent in my opinion, knowing exactly what types of scenery to place where.

I mentioned earlier that the difficulty of this game is what troubles you the most. Part of this is because of the amount of power-ups placed in A Bit of Respect. The first few levels were alright, it was the later levels that troubled me. I think the amount of health packs were reduced deliberately, since 0 and wood probably wanted to add more challenge into the later levels, and because of that I often died when I got to those levels.

I honestly don't know what to say about the placement. It was pretty good to be honest. Yes, I found a few enemies that was placed a bit off, but other than that, nice work.



Thumbnail: The game had a neat looking thumbnail. It gives the player a sense of what the game has.

Gameplay: Apart from the difficulty, the overall gameplay was nice, and there were a lot of new things included.

Puzzles: The game featured some puzzling levels, including some pretty simple ones, made just to add a bit to the game.

Traps: Several traps were also placed here and there, with only few being fatal.

Scenery: The scenery was made with care to create the perfect environment for the game, and a great result was achieved.

Placement: Apart from some enemies, I found the placement of each level brilliant.


Action: Yes, action played a big role in this game, however I think it has been overdone in some.

Power-Ups: The farther you got in the game, the harder it got, and the lack of power-ups made it a huge challenge.


Gameplay: 4.5/5

Difficulty: 5/5

Action: 5/5

Puzzles: 3.5/5

Traps: 3.5/5

Scenery: 4.5/5

Placement: 4.5/5

Creativity: 3.5/5

Overall: 4/5

So, is A Bit of Respect worthy of 1st place in the EGD Collaborations? I would say yes. I have always thought that this was the best out of all the collaborations and I'm not surprised that it won.


Yes. I don't see why it shouldn't be featured. It features a lot of gameplay to keep the player's attention for a long time, and sure it has it's flaws, but I still think it's good enough for a feature. When the EGD Featuring Schedule gets released we'll see if it makes it.

A Bit of Respect to all those who read this review. I salute you.


A Bit of Respect Reviewed by dudki on Wednesday, July 17th 2013. [EGD] A Bit Of Respect To The Creators Of This Game.. - A game review written by dudki for the game 'A Bit of Respect' by 0minutes. Rating: 4