Super Metroid pt 21 END

By dylanisawesome :: Friday August 20th, 2010


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Samus had done it,she had saved the universe and peace returned to planet Ares.Samus walked up to the dieing Space Pirate Commander and the Commander said " you think you've won!?" "This is just the beginning!" The Commander looked at his armor and set off a fail-safe system.The Commander was going to blow up the mountain! Samus quickly kicked the Commander in the face and darted to her ship." Mwhahahahahahahahahahah" yelled the Commander."She doesnt know that planet Grozze is where the Metroids are being made,soon the Space Pirates will be able to take over the universe and the Metroids will help us!" The Commander had his last breath and ended his life. The bomb went off and the explosion was huge! Samus had once again saved the Universe.Samus was going to fly back to the Galactic Federation flagship and explain what happened.When all was right and the Universe had been saved...Samus was not happy,something was bothering her.That wasnt the real Commander. TO BE CONTINUED. I hope you enjoyed the dylanisawesome version of SUPER METROID!


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