Super Metroid2 pt26 END

By dylanisawesome :: Wednesday November 3rd, 2010


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Samus had gotten outside of the base and still there was no sight of the Commander. Suddenly Samus came upon the Commanders ship. " Why is the Commanders ship here?" thought Samus. Samus stepped into the ship and all of a sudden a the door locked behind her and she was pushed, and tied to the seat inside the ship. "WHATS GOING ON HERE!!" yelled Samus. The ship then took off and Samus couldn't do anything about it, she would have to wait and see where the ship took her. After about 30 minutes in the ship a strange gas was sprayed in the ship and it knocked Samus out. What was happening is still a mystery to Samus. Play my next game in the Super Metroid series : Super Metroid 3 to find out what happens to Samus and where the ship will take her. I hope u enjoyed Super Metroid 2 Evolved!!!!


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