Sceptile Got Something Featured? This Should Be Good.

Review by eclipserain on Sunday, October 30th 2011
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The Birds And The Bees is a game created by sceptile


Well, it's been quite some time since my first review; suddenly I felt the urge to write something. Snowy days make me do that. Yeah, it's snowing a lot here and it's not even Halloween. It's ridiculous. Anyways, this is my second review (finally) and it's a game by none other than Sceptile. Sceptile's games have been attracting a lot of attention recently and finally one of them got featured. Let's see if this one is good.


I never thought I'd say this, but it takes skill to make a calm peaceful atmosphere and still make it somewhat exciting, and Sceptile has managed to pull that off. The Birds And The Bees has done something I've seen done seldom before, which is a panicky yet peaceful kind of gameplay. While it lacked in puzzles, it had a "go there to go there to go there to beat the level" kind of a feel, which in my opinion classifies this as an adventure game.

However, the simplicity to it all is taken away by the fact that Sceptile used the Switcher widget, which completely randomizes the direction the enemies move in. While this adds a layer of variability to the game, the passageways are already narrow and with the bees narrowly changing direction, it gets boring restarting the level over and over again because of the randomness. Instead of skill, it's luck, which is what I HATE to see in featured games...


The scenery in this game is outstanding. Tons of graphics were used in the making of this game, and while some were repeated, Sceptile made them bigger or smaller than the one before it. He found out a way to use graphics meant for other games to incorporate them into this one. I liked how he used them again and again without it getting boring. This is what I like to see in games; variety. Also, Regular Show is one of my favorite TV shows, so he gets extra points for using him as the main character. :P


This game didn't specialize in the placements department too well. I've seen games that give you health right after a near-death experience, but alas, this is a PPG. Health rolls differently in here. So, instead I'll review enemy placement. The bees were placed in narrow passageways as explained earlier, flying diagonally. I prefer them flying vertically, but oh well. However, as I said before the Switcher ruins any possibility of most of the enemy placement being good. If Sceptile left out that one mechanic, he would've really nailed this section.


Gameplay: 4/5

Enemy Placement: 2/5

Scenery: 5/5

Fun: 4/5

Overall: 4/5


At the end of the day, this game created something totally unique that I've never seen from Sceptile before. The scenery; beautiful. Gameplay; addicting and calm. Placements; meh. Fun; depends on your style. This game hit my soft spot and was drastically different than most of Sceptile's games. I liked it. It deserved it's featured. Good work Sceptile and I hope to see you do something like this again.



The Birds And The Bees Reviewed by eclipserain on Sunday, October 30th 2011. Sceptile Got Something Featured? This Should Be Good. - A game review written by eclipserain for the game 'The Birds And The Bees' by sceptile. Rating: 4