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Review by eclipserain on Tuesday, April 17th 2012
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Planet Slingshot is a game created by spazskater45

Well, looking through the Reviewers section of the Mainsite, it's actually kind of depressing to see how much thought and effort people place into their reviews these days. Failed humor, grammar mistakes, and bad judgement come to mind. (Not pointing fingers, and I'm probably going to get some hate for this statement.) However, that's beside the point. This is my sixth review since I got my Reviewers badge. I got my badge in... October, was it? Only six reviews? In my opinion, reviewing is a bit boring... However, it shall be my duty to bring you a (hopefully) good review.


As you can see in the top left of the review box, I've chosen to review a game entitled "Planet Slingshot" by a user called spazskater45. I'll call him Spaz for future reference. Anywho, I've never heard of Spaz before this game, but this could be due to my time on the Mainsite being limited. Congrats on the feature, and you should be hoping that you score well in my review. >:D


The game mechanics sound simple enough. All you need to do is spin the balls, turn off the magnetic pulse, and turn it on again to fling your kitteh. Sounds easy. However, you need to reach such a velocity level that if you overshoot you will end up hitting a red wall of death; if you undershoot you will be launched into the void known as outer space.

The first most outstanding detail that I noticed when I first perished at the beginning level... Was that not one person has beaten the game. Not even the creator. This could be due to a multitude of reasons, which brings us to the absolutely horrid enemy placement. It's 110% impossible to see enemies that are on incoming planets, because the planet you must sling to next is most likely off the screen. Therefore, it's PURE LUCK if you make it across alive. You might know this from me from previous reviews, but the luck factor is any game makes me want to hurl.

One way to fix the terrible enemy placement would be to detach the camera off of the player. That way, you could see the whole screen. It might take away from the overall atmosphere of the game, but it would let you time your shots more accordingly. The planets could rotate a tad bit slower and the obstacles could've been less narrow.

The scenery was nothing fancy or overdone, but you could really tell that it was a cat in outer space. Planets seemed unique, and cats are awesome.


PLACEMENTS: 1/5 //_- I will not say anything more on this.

SCENERY: 4/5 Perfect, not overdone, classic

GAMEPLAY: 4/5 Really well thought out and original

ACTION : 4/5 Keeps you on the edge of your seat when that cat is soaring through outer space.

OVERALL: 3.25/5


Personally if I got to this game first, I would not have featured it. The luck factor kinda killed it for me, and everything was just so badly placed... (play level 2 and you'll see what I mean.) Otherwise, it was a good concept and it had a lot going for it, but Planet Slingshot had too much holding it back.


P.S. I know y'all are gonna say this is too short, but I really don't want to stretch a review out longer than it has to be. Thanks. ^_^


Planet Slingshot Reviewed by eclipserain on Tuesday, April 17th 2012. Dusting Off The Old Reviewers Badge - A game review written by eclipserain for the game 'Planet Slingshot' by spazskater45. Rating: 3