Kirby The Sparrow

By egbert2011 :: Saturday October 15th, 2011


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NOTE: VERY LONG DESCRIPTION. -----Not Long Ago in the State of Utah...Two Sparrows (Husband and Wife) Had One Wish: To Have a Baby. Then, They Got Their Wish. They Named Their Baby: Kirby. They Were Happy. But...2 Weeks Later, They Were Going to Leave to Get Some Food. As They Flew Away, a Hawk Came Along and SNATCHED Them and Flew Away to Death Valley. to Have Dinner (Parents) and He Ate Them. Kirby Was Sadder Than Ever. But Then, One Day...He Hopped Right Out of His Nest, Ran Away, to Get Revenge of the Hawk! First, You Start at the Tree. And your Trying to Escape. He Has to Climb Down Cause if he Just Jumps, He Will Die.And Then, He Has to Cross the Street Without Getting Ran Over by a Car. Then He Has to Go Through the Woods in Utah. Fighting All Kinds of Creatures! Some Are the Predators, Some Are Prey...Then, He's at the Interstate...He Knew He Couldn't Survive There. But, He Went For it. He Had to Cross. He Was Brave Enough! After That, He Meets Jake the Toucan. And Jake Stays With Him. Then They Make Their Way to Nevada. Hope you Enjoy. Part 2 Coming Soon! Hooray!! =D


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