Bye Guys

By eimonn :: Monday February 24th, 2014


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Well Sploder, I'm now perma-banned. One of my best friends 2kitty got perma-banned too trying to free me. I can't seem to negotiate anything with the mods to just give me a heavy sentence. So, I've given up. I feel like I have no use on Sploder anymore. Now I'm going to leave. I may log in every now and then, but I won't do anything. No new games, nothing new. Just adding people to my group, and answering to friend requests. I've just seen one of my most loyal friends be taken by a perma-ban. I can't handle it anymore. It was a choice for her to try to help or not. It was a choice whether to risk perma-ban by helping your friend. And she took that risk. But sadly, she's now gone. One of my best friends was banned trying to help their friends. Trying to help me. I couldn't ask for anything more. I was surprised by the fact that so many people cared. Well, I'm almost pretty much done with this site. One day, if I'm ever unbanned, I'll be back for sure. I have special credits for: 2kitty, my loyal friend who got banned trying to free me. Greengojosey4999, a friend on the forums who was great to be with. Furfurrykitty, a great friend who actually listened to what I have to say. Lolman345, who helped me with personal issues and also got me out of hard times. Others are: Jumi2002, Pricedown, Marcvider, Fangdam7920 and Freefallsonic. I may have other people I have forgotten, but I'm really not thinking about it now. Anyone who actually bothered to read this far, goodbye. Your old friend, ~Eimonn~.


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