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By elroysice :: Tuesday June 22nd, 2010


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Here's a message posted by Geoff. One of the hosts of the gameshow that I'm in transferred this message to us on the game show so we could see it(copy/pasted from the guy who copied/pasted geoff's message): Moderation tools on the way! All game pages and user home pages will have a comments wall. The comments on the games pages will be replaced by the new system. Everyone will be able to: 1. Ability to report any game, user or comment 2. Ability to rank ( /-) games, users, comments 3. Ability to `favorite` games, users, comments Moderators will be able to: 1. Report any game, user or comment 2. Delete any reported comment 3. Warn users 4. Ban users from entering comments or reporting 5. Block IP addresses from reporting Coming soon... hopefully this week.


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