I am Sick and Tired of You.

By elroysice :: Monday August 16th, 2010


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Every day, I get comments asking me to play their games. Now, guess what? I've already outlawed this from my page or any of my games. Or my alt, Freezeflame. Anyone who asks me to play their games will get a big fat "NO." If enough people say this, I will private all of my future games and only send a link to my good friends. So you might wanna shut up. -_- *** Lots of people have also been asking me how to become an editor. I will tell you how as long as you won't ask me again. You go to the forums, log in (Join if you haven't), scroll down to the category "Mainsite Office," and read over ALL the rules under the Editor Recruitment thread. Find the game you're gonna use for your application and apply.


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