By elroysice :: Monday November 23rd, 2009


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No, my test isn't for you. It is a test for me!!! If I will not be making very games, it is because of this test!!! And, the test is... can I make a big game that takes an extremely long time to make? (No, I'm talking about a week, not a month, like Elgamer's games and Neal's.) This will be testing my patience, cause I have HORRIBLE patience. So don't be surprised if I'll have multipal demos for some of my games!!! This one won't have demos, sadly. I'll probally be working on this game for a long time, giving Spore(maybe!!!) for a little while, I'll also stop shooter games, since-this will be one of your only hints to what the game will be like-this will be a PLATFORMER. Man, it seems like I go through phases where I'll be into one kind of game, then the other!! Looks like when I came back, I brought the joy of platformers back with me. I hope you will enjoy my little "test!" I call it "Operation: Platformer master!" Please comment your thoughts.


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