Ravequest 2 Update

By elroysice :: Sunday January 30th, 2011


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It's be a while before I start making RQ2, as I am waiting for Geoff to finish an update. A while back, he announced that he is adding a feature to the platformer that should greatly reduce lag, and add length. He is adding the ability to add multiple levels. Don't understand? He's bringing the feature from the 3D Shooter creator to add multiple floors to the platformer. I'm just as excited as you are! Also, geoff said that he MIGHT add Group Lists and Challenge Lists. Group lists are lists of games that the creator of a group features on his group's page. Challenge Lists are lists of games. When you play a Challenge List, you must beat all of the games on that list without dying or losing all of your lives. Geoff didn't say he was officially working on this, though, and he said this a few months ago. ~Elroysice


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