Would You All Please Read This

By elroysice :: Wednesday November 24th, 2010


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Now, may some of you noobs please shut up and listen. And I swear, if I get any comments on this saying that I'm an idiot, or anything, I'm deleting that comment. Dare you add swears I'll warn you. Alright... 2 things. 1. I'm sure that some of you have not cared to check the leaderboard if you lose a game 10 times, becasue you are "positive" that it is "impossible." Well, half those games are beat. Guess what? The thing you lost against? Chances are, that was a PUZZLE. Now, if you don't know what a puzzle is, please google it. 2. So, you learned that Protraction is not in fact impossible. But you still think it's bad. Probably because it's hard. Well, that means that you're a noob who thinks that games should be easy. Y'know that game, crystalssss, or whatever it is? It's bad. Yes. Oh, and here are some last words of advice: Levels, Views, Groups, and Winning Contests don't matter. None of those matter. I hope I've got some sense into you, because if I didn't, I'll have to knock it into you, but hopefully not with my ban hammer.


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