Emp Gives A Very Brutal 15th Review

Review by empoleon on Thursday, December 23rd 2010
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Killing Vines is a game created by sack

This is my fourth review today. It's currently 2:13 a.m. and you may be thinking I'm crazy for reviewing four games in one day. I was looking through the games of Sploder and saw sack, the maker of Killing Vines, commenting on many people's pages. I took a look at this game and saw was popular. I thought it was going to be good, but I was wrong. This game was honestly awful(I'm sorry to rain on your parade). What's worse is that I saw two reviews for this game that were too easy. One review gave the game a 3/5 (oggie's), which is a score I totally disagree with. I feel compelled to challenge the other reviewer's ratings and give sack an ego let-down.

I'll give you the gist of this very short, simple game. You're in a zombie infested grass area. You go from side to side killing zombies in the same way that you do throughout the game. Eventually you find a few piranhas, swim over them and keep playing the game. That's it. That's basically all there is to Killing Vines. Maybe there's a few ladders here and there, but most of the game is the same enemies, the same jumps and the same look over and over. I've said in past reviews that repetition is vital to a game, but if a the game is full of the same sequences that just repeat it's bad. The gameplay isn't fun, isn't groundbreaking, and is definitely not feature-worthy. I believe this is what the other reviewers ignored: that the game is painfully repetitive, and because of this the score should be lowered quite a bit. Since I have gotten that out of the way, let me expand on what else makes the gameplay bland. As you proceed through the game you notice that you can cheat past the zombies. You break the bottom to sand blocks and simply hit the zombie through the game. The rest of the zombies are taken care of by jumping up while holding the space bar. That doesn't sound like fun, now does it? The rest of the game time is taken up by climbing up a few ladders, jumping up useless stair-style blocks and swimming for a very short time. If sack had more enemy types, or maybe a few big rooms with some bouncers here and there, Killing Vines would be a lot more fun to play. One last thing that really kills the gameplay is that the player may frequently glitch into the floor. The crushers push you into the floor and don't harm the player whatsoever. Sorry man, but Killing Vines really bombs it in the gameplay department.

The scenery of the game was a letdown. At first I saw that the game had a real theme. There's green everywhere, water here and there and the design made it seem like a foresty setting. What sack fails to do in Killing Vines is change the scenery up. The whole game looks exactly the same. Playing Killing Vines is like walking down a street, but once you reach the end you start back at the beginning of the street. The scenery never changes. It's the same old grass block the whole time. Another downside to this game's scenery is that there's no background. Not having background limits the creativity of the game maker.

Killing Vines was receiving endless praise in its comments section, which I'm sure gave sack a huge ego. If it didn't, good for him. The game brought nothing new to the table, was boring to play, and just wasn't worth my time. Another thing I might add is that Killing Vines was incredibly short.

Suggestion: Good games require variety. In your next game try to make different landscapes in different areas. Perhaps there's a lava area, then a grass area and then a water area. If the game has one theme, try to change the scenery up, or at least make the enemies different.

Rating (Out of 5):

Entertainment: __
Enemy Placement: _
Creativity: _
Design: _
Epicness: _
Overall: _

Don't let this bring you too far down sack. Take the suggestions I gave you and go make a hit game.

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