A 17th Review About Yet Another Boring Game

Review by empoleon on Monday, December 27th 2010
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The Squad is a game created by ju44

So many of the games I've reviewed are just boring... Can't anyone make a fun game? Some of the games I've given 4/5's to aren't fun either, but deserved the score they got for design. So here you go, yet another defective bore. ju44 hyped The Squad in six threads. I tested the game before it came out and also played through it this time. I was not pleased. The Squad did not deserve any of the hype it received. It has many flaws, mainly stemming from the awful design of the game.

As always I'll give a short run through of the game. You start out with a puzzle in which you must have the archer kick you up onto a platform, but the platform has two paths. One is a trap and one isn't. After picking the right choice, you continue to dodge a small gear trap, dodge some crushers, kill a few more enemies and finish the game. That's the dumbed down version, but that's basically all there is to The Squad. Not one part of this game stood out. The first puzzle is boring and stupid. You spend up to one minute trying to get an archer to kick you up, but the archer sometimes chooses to fall of the platform. The archer up top also randomly falls down and forces me to restart the game. After is a trap that's interesting, but really is pointless if you choose the correct path. The trap is also escapable if you're kewl like me. The rest of the game I can't really explain how to play. You just go through it. One of the major flaws I found with this game is that the running around takes too long. It'd be okay if there were more puzzles or traps, but a lot of the game feels empty. The Squad also has a major problem with tile positioning. The game feels too open. There's no structure. The Squad is not a welcoming game because of this. The blocks are sometimes crooked, and a lot of the time you just have too much room. All game makers must watch out for this. Your games cannot be too open, or too tight. The enemy placement is also very dull. Some games have enemies jump out from above or have them hiding, but The Squad has none of that. The enemies are in plain sight and add no real excitement. Finally, The Squad doesn't have environmental changes. I don't mean "environmental" as in scenery, but I mean as in the design of the map. You're usually walking straight or climbing up. There's not enough variety in the game, although a few parts are different.

The scenery is horrific. The tile style is boring, and to add to that ju44 never changes the tile style. It's the same old rock-ish block the whole game. There are no backgrounds (except one part) and aren't any other visual add-ons. The whole game looks exactly the same. There's nothing to look forward to and as you kill the enemies you are become bored very fast. I can't talk much more about the scenery because IT WASN'T THERE! ADD SCENERY ZOMG!

This game was not epic. The lack of scenery combined with the dull gameplay really killed the overall experience. The Squad was hyped by ju44 in six threads. I was looking forward to it, but ju44 let me down. Sorry, but this game didn't work out well.

Suggestion: Spend more time on the design of the game. What I like to do is make around three rooms and design them, then put stuff inside of the rooms. This works quite well in some scenarios and helps you focus on both the design and gameplay.

Ratings (Out of 5):

Entertainment: _
Enemy Placement: __
Creativity: __
Design: _
Epicness: _
Overall: _

Sorry dude, but I really think this game deserves a 1/5. DON'T MISUNDERSTAND! The Squad is a playable game, but in the ratings it just doesn't cut it.

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The Squad Reviewed by empoleon on Monday, December 27th 2010. A 17th Review About Yet Another Boring Game - A game review written by empoleon for the game 'The Squad' by ju44. Rating: 1