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Review by empoleon on Wednesday, December 29th 2010
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Click Me is a game created by jeoffffff

Click Me was requested in the Brutally Honest Reviews thread, and because it's been awhile since I've actually reviewed a requested game I thought I'd try it out. Click Me is a weird game. It's not different than the others, but it's a game that makes me want to play more even though it isn't that good. I'll expand on this later, but first I'd like to ask you to check out the BHR thread on the forums. Yus.

I'll walk you through a small bit of the gameplay, but in this review I'll focus more on tips and critiques. You start out under a crusher, so you had better move fast. To your left is a gun and the right are enemies. After passing this you fall into a tunnel and must travel up a ladder, hit a green switch, which opens another path, then continue. After beating a few more enemies in the tunnels you emerge and walk into a new building. This new building is full of enemies, broken floors and lava. Click Me was pretty entertaining mainly because the beginning was easy, but the game became boring after about 3 minutes of gameplay. The first thing that irked me was the green switch. As jeoffffff mentions in the game's description, sometimes it doesn't work and you must refresh your browser. I hate refreshing my browser, but I had to so I could play the game. The tunnel section is really boring, mainly because it's all the same. You're just killing a few enemies with a gun, nothing new. Once you reach the new building, things get fun. You have to hit the checkpoints and kill the enemies fast or else you'll fall into the lava, which really helps the player feel into the game. Click Me kept me concentrated on where I was moving, instead of being a mindless zombie clicking a single button. Click Me was a bit empty for my tastes, meaning that there wasn't enough to look at. I felt that if there were a few more puzzles or traps in the open areas the game would've been loads more enticing. I also didn't like that jeoffffff didn't add anything in the open areas. If the player is in the wide open, why not add a jumping sequence that's similar to thrash56's Jump. A short jumping area always adds to the game's fun, but Click Me was missing this element. What Click Me had that other games didn't was a simple beginning. I find myself getting stuck on the first puzzle in most games, but Click Me was easy enough to allow me to get pretty far into the game. It's still difficult, but I got to actually play the game.

The scenery was average. There's grass where it's supposed to be, although it does look a bit bland. Backgrounds add to the experience, but the backgrounds used didn't really suit my tastes. As I said earlier, the game was a bit too open. The scenery could've tied into the game a bit more. All readers heed this: Scenery brings out a games true colors, so spend time making sure the scenery represents what your game is about and doesn't just make it look pretty (like this game).

Click Me was a slightly epic game with a few unique qualities. Even though it was quite bland at parts, I found myself actually having fun playing a Sploder game. Click Me is definitely worth a try, but don't get your hopes up because this platformer doesn't break any records.

Suggestion: Variety really helps a game. Putting a small jumping area in those "break" areas would keep the player moving all the time.

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jeoffffff, you can easily make a hit game. If I were you I'd play various featured games and try to figure out what makes them epic.

Sorry if my review was all over the place. I noticed I rambled a little after I was done, but I'm lazeh :P

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Click Me Reviewed by empoleon on Wednesday, December 29th 2010. [BHR] Emp Clicked Click Me - A game review written by empoleon for the game 'Click Me' by jeoffffff. Rating: 2