[BHR] Emp's First Robot Review Zomgz!

Review by empoleon on Wednesday, December 29th 2010
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AlacriouS is a game created by jfurey14

AlacriouS is another game that was requested in the Brutally Honest Reviews thread. This is my first review for a robot game. I hate almost all robot games, and this one falls under that category. AlacriouS has a silly name, is not fun to play and is not fun to look at. It looks like jfurey14 just dragged points randomly and threw some enemies in there. So let's get to the review!

My review for this will be a bit shorter than my others, but whatever. In AlacriouS, you start out going through a pretty pointless teleporter. There's two disruptors waiting for you, which for me were impossible to kill so I had to run. After is a pointless enemy fence, then a robot, then you come to an area that irks me. There's a few ally fences and enemy fences. I basically waltzed right through this area, it was way too easy. After that you receive some health, kill another enemy, then travel down a long road and continue with the game. The first room is full of random decorations that I see no point in. They don't have a theme, but are just there. If there had been a trap or some enemy in the room it would've been alright, but this was boring. The disruptor area is alright, but pretty straightforward. But all of the enemy fences that come after are just bad. They only hinder your progress by making you hold down your saw button. It's no fun killing something that doesn't fight back. The enemy right after the first fence doesn't fight back either and was too easy to kill. The second fence area was just plain bad. I killed one turret, sawed one or two fences and left. After that the game got a little more interesting. The first few times I passed I was killed instantly by grenades, but after I learned how to pass the guard it was all good. After this point the rest of the game was more fun, but nothing new. AlacriouS looked like most other robot or ship games and really wasn't that much fun to play. The beginning is also a little to straightforward. For a lot of the game it feels like you're traveling in a straight line and that's no fun. What this jfurey14 did right is make it easy enough to play. The player is able to pass the first few rooms without having to refresh their browser or die a million times. Although the action isn't the most exciting, it's still there and there are obstacles you must pass. The game isn't always boring because of this.

The design of AlacriouS was kind of a fayul. The first room's random objects were pretty boring and didn't have any theme. The outside design was too random and not interesting. The straight paths are fitted with some jags or corners, but they're still a bit boring. If someone makes a ship/robot game without any special design, I don't care and don't bring it down for that. jfurey14 tried to mix art with action, and I didn't like it in this game.

AlacriouS wasn't too epic, but it was kind of fun. One thing I really hate about this game is the name. Why is the "S" capitalized? It doesn't make the game any cooler, but instead makes jfurey14 sound like a true poser. It seems like jfurey14 pulled out a dictionary, randomly selected alacrious and said "Well, if I capitalize the "s" it'll be cool! It's such a big word!" Sigh...

Suggestion: IF you're go to add art, make it interesting.

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I hate robot/ship games :(

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