[BHR] I Haz Been Revived.

Review by empoleon on Wednesday, March 9th 2011
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Stumble is a game created by creatingames

For a short time I lost my desire to review, but I'm ready to start reviewing again. During my absence the BHR reviewers quit reviewing, joined other reviewing groups, or just didn't review. I'm disappointed by this, but whatever. The [MR] says that they're going to beat the [BHR], but I seriously doubt it. The [BHR] has 74 reviews :D. So, now to the game. I'm reviewing Stumble by creatingames. At first I thought creatingames was just some noob, but dayum I was wrong. This game is nothing short of great, and I'll explain why.

You start in a pitch black room and, not having any idea of where to go, jump around randomly. By checking your radar you realize there's a path you must follow. To continue along this path you must figure out how to clear the obstacles, and you do so through various means. To be honest I randomly jumped around and pressed the spacebar after the first wall. After clearing the path you come to a flamethrower and must use it to clear the final obstacle. Then comes a pit of lava, but how do you advance to the next area? I'm not telling you :) This is as much of an overview you need. I must say that the intro is epic. First of all, having it be without light makes the puzzles. You cannot see anything and not having light actually contributes to the game's puzzles. The clearing of the obstacles is a bit random, but still requires thought. The flamethrower area may seem simple, but it took me a few tries to actually get through. Although this may not sound epic, it is. The intro has a unique feel to it. It's not the generic "find the hidden button" or "jump across the lava", but introduces something new. The rest of Stumble is similar. There are more sequences that require the player to think, but enemies are still there to disturb you. I'd also like to point out that the block placement is amazing. Everything is placed exactly where it should, and there's no glitches, or at least no obvious ones, to be seen.

The scenery is meh. The backgrounds get a bit boring after awhile, but in Stumble there is no need for fancy backgrounds. The game is about playing, not looking. What I did like is how creatingames changed the scenery up a little bit in the middle, but the design is nothing special.

Stumble is quite epic. One reason is the name. The name portrays exactly what the game is about, which is stumbling. You "stumble" in the process of finding your path, and this happens even in the introduction area. A second epic point of the game is the new feel of it. You're not just playing any old game, but you're playing a game that has some more thought put into it. The gameplay is great, the scenery is substantial, and the game has quite a lot to offer.

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A 4/5 is a great score, especially because it's equal throughout the ratings. Nice game.

The review may be a little short because I'm trying to cut the BS stuff, that many reviews have, out.


Stumble Reviewed by empoleon on Wednesday, March 9th 2011. [BHR] I Haz Been Revived. - A game review written by empoleon for the game 'Stumble' by creatingames. Rating: 4