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Review by empoleon on Thursday, March 10th 2011
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Complexity is a game created by lcraniuml

I had no ideas for a title to this review :3. So as usual I'll tell you what's up with me. The BHR is getting back up there and now has 76 reviews including this one *claps*. There isn't much else :P... This is a review for Complexity by lcraniuml. This may be a collab, or might not be, but I honestly don't care. If you don't feel like reading the whole review, the scores will most likely be around 2-3's.

For this review I'll be talking more about what the creator did right and wrong instead of the game's pieces itself. A brief overview of the first 30 seconds comes first. You start with two powergluvs and must direct bats to release you from your "cage". After doing so you pass thors by pushing them into lava, jump a little bit, pass a few crushers and continue playing the game. The first puzzle, with the powergluv, is a fayul. The bats randomly are stuck in place, the bat on the right won't budge, and the puzzle is just bad. I found myself having to restart the game quite a few times. Also, the puzzle has been done a million times already, so why do it again? The thors could have been good, but the player basically just walks into the thors and kills them by doing so. No real skill is required. The rest of the game is similar to what I've described above, nothing special. Complexity introduces a few twists on current puzzles, but there is no reason to get excited for the game. When playing, I felt cramped. Some games, such as creatingame's Stumble, are supposed to be cramped, but not this one. The creator most likely wanted a cramped up feel, but it did the game no good, and actually harmed it. I felt trapped and bored at the same time. The creators introduced nothing new with the game. The bat puzzle was glitchy and annoying, the thors were boring, and the game has been done before.

The scenery is nothing special, mainly because the scenery stays boring throughout the game. The block placement and design, as I said, is quite cramped. Even if it loosens up further into the game, the beginning is a real turn-off. Usually scenery brightens games such as this one, but not this time. Complexity has no complex, interesting design.

Complexity is not too epic. The game is average, and even below, at times. Sure, it's a better play than "GrABB teh CRIStaL 4", but isn't much fun. The game has been created, and featured, many times. What I mean by this is that games identical to this one's design and feel have already been played enough, so stop making them! They're boring. If you do make a game with the cramped style, make it new.

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If the bat puzzle wasn't so glitchy you would've ended up with a 3/5.


Complexity Reviewed by empoleon on Thursday, March 10th 2011. [BHR] Your Title Must Be At Least 10 Characters Long. - A game review written by empoleon for the game 'Complexity' by lcraniuml. Rating: 3