Sweet Revenge [Review #10]

Review by epicorange789 on Sunday, August 18th 2013
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Crimson Blade is a game created by dudki

Game: Crimson Blade

Maker: Dudki

Creator: Platformer

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Hello, and welcome to another EpicOrange789 review. I'd just like to say quickly that EGD reviewing is finally over and done with, and we can now start reviewing normal games again! Now onto the review:


I've always loved Dudki's game making style, especially in platformers. I've managed to enjoy almost all of his games. Why am I going on about dudki, you may ask. Well I'll tell you; today I'm going to be reviewing another one of that noob's games. Previously, I reviewed Rebuild, dudki's EGD game. Today, I'll be reviewing Crimson Blade, another RPG. Dudki is a mature person himself and a great friend of mine. I know that he has pure talent for making platforming games, especially RPG's. I'd agree that there's a lot to expect from him, such as incredible game-play, a great story, good scenery, and overall a great game itself. As you should know by now, Crimson Blade has been featured, but why is that? Well, let's find out in this review.


The thumbnail doesn't really give anything too detailed away and doesn't really look too appealing. It's like Rebuild; it didn't really attract my attention, but there are other levels that could have been used for the thumbnail and would look appealing, such as the forest level. I didn't like the thumbnail, and it didn't attract my attention, but the true reason why I did play the game was because it was featured. Also since Dudki is a good game maker, I wanted to see how good the game was itself.

Although the thumbnail wasn't the best, the scenery wasn't anywhere near the terrible mark. I found the scenery in Crimson Blade splendid. For example, I like the style that dudki has used for all of the destroyed houses in the ruins of Kythera; they're quite like those in Rebuild, but less... destroyed. I also quite liked the forest level (level 4); everything related to the whole meaning of the level. The trees in the background, the grass, even the graphics on the enemies related. Talking about the graphics, I like the way dudki used them in the scenery of the ruins of Kythera; all of those dead bodies lying on the ground just show how much destruction and violence went on in Kythera. In almost every level, the scenery related to what was going on. So overall, the scenery was pleasing to the eye.

The overall game-play was entertaining, intense and exciting, as you have many fierce battles ahead of you if you want to avenge your brothers death. Intense fights such as battling the one who killed your brother. Oops, SPOILER ALERT! Anyway, you have many places to explore to find the one who killed your brother. All is a challenge in the platforming world, so what would you expect? So, yes, the game-play was pretty good. It has quite a bit of action involved pretty much everywhere you explore, so I hope that'll keep you excited until the end of the game (that's if you ever eventually get the the end anyway). I don't know if it was just me, but I hardly experienced any lag in Crimson Blade. It made the game less irritating and more addictive in my opinion. And trust me, I've hardly stopped playing it. Overall, the game-play was great.

Crimson Blade was a pretty difficult game. I didn't find it extremely difficult, although I still haven't beat the game yet. It has a lot of action scenes, but still isn't to difficult if you complete the sidequests to get the weapons you need to get pretty far in the game. There were quite a few health items in Crimson Blade, just about enough to survive the game (if you use the weapons wisely that is) so it isn't so difficult that you want to ragequit and punch a hole through your computer screen like that guy who played the scary maze game and pee'd himself (of course he wasn't ragequitting, but still.) Also, Crimson Blade isn't as long as dudki's other RPG's, so it's faster to get through. It still has a lot of quality, though.

The placements were.. errm.. well placed, I guess. It wasn't sloppy really at all. The arrangement of the tiles are places really accurately, especially those destroyed houses. The scenery that surrounds your every move is also placed almost perfectly. The health and power-upwere placed pretty well, and have an accurate amount. Pretty much everything was placed accurately.










Game-Play: ___.5/_____
Scenery: _____/_____
Placements: ____/_____
Thumbnail: __/_____
Difficulty: ____/_____
Story: ____/_____

Overall: ___.5/_____


You've done it again, Dudki. You've successfully created another fantastic RPG, and another fantastic game. This game managed to climb up to the featured game list and slashed almost all of its objectives. I'd agree that this game is feature-worthy. Not EGL worthy, but definitely feature worthy. I truly cannot wait for Crimson Blade .Prologue.

See you next time, but for now, it's bye from me.


Crimson Blade Reviewed by epicorange789 on Sunday, August 18th 2013. Sweet Revenge [Review #10] - A game review written by epicorange789 for the game 'Crimson Blade' by dudki. Rating: 3