I Came In Like A Wrecking Ball! [Review #14]

Review by epicosauruss on Saturday, February 15th 2014
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Spin is a game created by mat7772

Game: Spin

Maker: Mat7772

Creator: PPG


You thought spinning was easy? Well, think again, amigos, as this here game has been created just to prove you guys wrong! Okay, maybe not, but it does. Anyway, what game will I be reviewing today? Well, of course (since I've pretty much mentioned the name already) it's Spin, by Mat7772. Now, mat7772 (a well known member on here and on the forums)has created a new concept from the PPG creator, which I only discovered while playing Fragger, by Netshark. I was planning on making a game with this concept, but of course, someone else got their first. But seriously, this is honestly quite a decent concept that I haven't seen in a game before, and I was excited to see what our Princess Matthew had made out of it. Knowing his usual creative, game making skills, I'm expecting quite a lot from this game: decent puzzles, good scenery/graphics, interesting gameplay, the whole she-bang. It'll be interesting to see what matty had made from this never before used concept.


This game had quite decent game-play; it introduced many different new puzzles, and had some additional battles ahead, such as boss battles. But to start with, I'm going to start with the controls; they were quite interesting. The game was based around moving the cursor around a pentagon to move it about, completing different puzzles and battles. It was, in my opinion, incredibly annoying. I found that the pentagon would move quite slow, and would sometimes be interrupted by moving the cursor around to fast, or from other 'incidents', which honestly made the game quite tedious. However, it had a decent challenge when it came to the boss battles, and the puzzles were excellent. I also liked how the difficulty increased when moving through the different levels. In some cases, people would make games where the difficulty just goes everywhere in the different levels, possibly making the last level quite easy compared to maybe the first few. I admit, I may be a culprit of doing that, but obviously, matty didn't do that in this game.


As mentioned before, the puzzles were excellent. Mat7772 produced few different, unique puzzles in Spin, including the use of a wrecking ball. Yes, due to the release of Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus, our 'Princess' has decided to make reference to that, by including a puzzle including a wrecking ball. The puzzles were quite short, but unique and enjoyable. They used simple PPG skills, such as dragging, jumping, and more. You don't need to know much to understand how to complete the puzzles. I wouldn't class Spin as a puzzle game, as there weren't too many puzzles (from what I saw, it was more of an adventure game), but the puzzles used were great.


I quite liked the design mat7772 used in Spin: he used the original objects and backgrounds from the PPG creator without the aid of graphics, to fit in with different themes. Those themes (spoiler alert) were ground, fire, sky and water. It was quite interesting to see a PPG without the use of graphics, as the graphics creator was made specifically for the PPG creator at first. This proves that you don't need graphics to make a decent PPG, with a great design. Of course, it's been done before (through games such as the Psychotic Pong series, and some of matty's other games such as Diverse Times), but that's not the point. The aesthetics were one of the main reasons why I enjoyed this game a lot.


If I'm being 100% honest, I felt like in some occasions the games placements were a little messy. Let's just say that, considering the hard to manage controls, when moving the pentagon, it felt hard to get it around, which made the game slower than it should be. However, other than this minor flaw, I'd say the placements were understandably well placed. The way the different hazards and floors were placed were important to the game itself. Actually, let me edit that: incredibly important. Like I said before, some of the placements of the floors made the game slower. If any of them were further out of place, it would've effected the entirety of the game. As for the hazards, it'd make the game near to impossible, considering how slow the pentagon moves. Luckily for our Princess Matty, there was nothing too bad, and he kept the game playable.




Overall Gameplay,


The unique concept.


THE DANG INCREDIBLY TEDIOUS. Ermm.. I mean, the controls...

In some cases, the placements.


Aesthetics/Scenery: ____.5/_____
Puzzles: ____/_____
Gameplay: ___.5/_____
Placements: ___.5/_____

Overall: ____/_____


Spin overall was a very well created game, including a great use of puzzles, along with brilliant aesthetics and to finish it off, great overall gameplay. However, the controls were tedious. I'd say that the game was definitely feature worthy, and in my opinion, not TOO far off being EGL worthy. However, the controls were just too... irritating I guess.

I hope you enjoyed my review, and I'll see you next time with my review of Underground desert by amdri!


Spin Reviewed by epicosauruss on Saturday, February 15th 2014. I Came In Like A Wrecking Ball! [Review #14] - A game review written by epicosauruss for the game 'Spin' by mat7772. Rating: 4