[ER] How Lordeldar Managed To Ruin What Could Have Been The Best Arcade Game

Review by epicosauruss on Friday, April 14th 2017
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Witch Chaos is a game created by mat7772lordeldar

Now that I've got your attention with that complete lie, you should read this serious review

Game: Witch Chaos

Maker: mat7772lordeldar

Creator: Retro Arcade


Collaborations between different members can be a hit or miss. They can be incredible games (for example CrestFallen by troyio and deathwarrant83) or not so incredible (let me remind you of that one game me, creatingames and achievement made that you forgot about). However, when the makers in question have great chemistry that is when a collab really excites me. Let me introduce you to Witch Chaos, a game made by mat7772 and lordeldar. These two members decided to collab on an Arcade game this time rather than the shooter which they are both very familiar with. The idea of another collab between the two excited me but it being in the arcade creator confused me. While I enjoy arcade games the most, these two aren't memorable for their arcades. Matty had made Miners and I think one other while lordeldar release one for EGD 7 (which my low quality arcade game beat (I don't understand that still either)) plus The Legend Of Toby which, while it was a fun game to play, wasn't really ~incredible~. Regardless, I was still excited for the game so let's see how it really was.


I thought the gameplay was incredible. The game was full of content in every stage in every level which obviously keeps the player interested. Matty and lordeldar kept the game interesting while progressing in the story (which I'll get onto soon) which was great. None of those stages just for dialogue like that idiot epicosauruss adds to his stupid arcade games, what kind of fool would do such a thing? Each stage included very creative ideas included, some of which not seen on sploder before. Some stand-out moments in the game for me would definitely be the use of blocks in the second level. I found it very creative, something I never thought of, and those areas were very fun for me to play through. Playing through the game, I probably had the most fun I have ever had playing a sploder game. That was of course until having to wait for wall shooters to break down blocks. I liked the idea behind it but for me it was tedious, and my impatient self got irritated with one of those sections (especially with the terrible laptop I currently have slowing the game down). Luckily that didn't come up too often so it didn't have an extremely negative impact to my opinion of the game. Another part I found somewhat irritating was the use of bees. While creative, I felt like the only purpose they served was to irritate the player which was what it did (for me at least). Again, a creative idea and a nice use for the bees, but irritating. Another area of the gameplay in Witch Chaos I'd like to point out about is the boss battles within the game. They use the creative ideas presented in previous stages in a way that creates incredibly fun fights against the witches that cursed you (you being lordeldar). The creative ideas added into the boss battles made them great in my opinion. I'd have to say the final boss which, while I've seen a better final boss battle, was definitely challenging and fun to defeat. My only problem with it is that it felt a little less creative than the others and it fell more on the generic side compared to the other bosses. All of this could be played through without worrying too much about dying; there were multiple lives and other health items to keep you going for the full game. While some areas were challenging, there was never a risk for me to lose the game fully. So, while very fun for the majority of the game, Witch Chaos can be tedious. Especially if you don't have a very great computer to play it with.

The aesthetics in Witch Chaos are also great. Matty and lord made great use of the textures in the arcade creator to make the tree stage work very well and the idea behind it was nice. It gave them a creative idea for the level and it worked quite well I'd say. I also liked how the game wasn't fully coated in different textures. Everything used for scenery was relevant to the levels and the textures were definitely not overdone. In fact, they were rarely used. While that left the aesthetics to be rather generic for an arcade game, I'm not complaining too much. The game looked nice regardless of that. I can't say there was anything too special about the scenery aside from the trees but the scenery was appropriately used and, I'd say overall, made the game look nice.

Witch Chaos had a very fun story. It involved the main character (lordeldar) heading out for food and instead getting involved in helping his friend (mat7772) getting in trouble with some witches. Lordeldar is cursed and then has to find the ingredients for the antidote. It has a nice, fun story along with some sploder characters. What I particularly liked about the story was that the characters of Lord and Matty matched the personality the two present among the community. Plus they made their accents stand out more in the dialogue for comedic affect which worked well. A fun, simple story that's easy to follow and enjoyable to play through. Though there is something I'd like to point out: as the game progresses, Lord is shown to be getting gradually weaker. However, when you progress through the levels you get to level up different things like any normal arcade game. But wouldn't that be making him stronger rather than weaker? Or is he just using more energy which makes him seem stronger while he's getting weaker? Either way, the story is unrealistic; lordelder is IN NO WAY strong enough to kill witches while dying, I can guarantee that. However it does give an accurate representation of Matty, being weak and someone who is more than likely the one who needs saving (give me a good review on a game and I'll change this ;) ).


Gameplay: ____.5/_____
Story: _____/_____
Difficulty: _____/_____
Scenery: ____/_____
Creativity: _____/_____
(Re-)Playability: ____.5/_____

Overall: ____.5/_____


Witch Chaos is an epic game. No doubt about it. In fact, I believe it definitely deserves its spot on the featured games page and it also deserves a spot in the Epic Game Library. This, in my honest opinion, is the best arcade game on sploder as of right now and I'm glad Matty and Lord teamed up to create such a great game. I honestly didn't think they had it in them to create such an epic game.

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Witch Chaos Reviewed by epicosauruss on Friday, April 14th 2017. [ER] How Lordeldar Managed To Ruin What Could Have Been The Best Arcade Game - A game review written by epicosauruss for the game 'Witch Chaos' by mat7772lordeldar. Rating: 4