Oops! I Fell Off My Raft!

Review by ethan2009 on Sunday, June 2nd 2019
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Raft is a game created by bricc

Oops! I fell off my raft! ~ A review of Raft by Bricc

Pre thoughts:

Bricc is a good friend on the forums and has been hyping this game for a little while. I actually got the honor to test this in the beta stage, and enjoyed it a lot! Let’s see if Bricc managed to bump this game up a notch.


The gameplay in Raft is fun and original. Although similar games were made a while ago, Bricc changed the concept of any similar games, and made Raft his own. One thing he could’ve done better on was adding more than just wood, as I could use the same build for every level and win. It got to be tedious in the later levels after dozens of time building the same structure. The gameplay revolved around using wood to build a platform or a “Raft” for the player to stay afloat. This was a very good idea, but I hoped that Bricc executed it well, but I thought his execution was average.


The scenery in the raft was pretty good. As soon as it got dull, Bricc changed it. The colors were vibrant and utilized ppg textures and polygons. Different settings and themes were used at each level, and Bricc did a good job conveying the tone of Raft. I think that the earlier levels could’ve been more unique, as only the color was changed, and nothing drastic, but it still looked fine.


I felt that raft was easy - really, really easy. I used the same build and won each level with the fastest time. I liked how each level possessed separate challenges, but the same raft always worked. I also felt that the levels with the large drops were actually harder than the last level, thus making the difficulty decently inconsistent. To add more difficulty to raft, Bricc could have taken advantage of the different materials in the ppg creator.


Block placement:

The block placement was average. Some levels tumbled the raft to ruins, while others possessed a very little challenge, and the raft could slide right through. This touches on the inconsistency of Raft. On the levels with big drops, sometimes the raft would travel down, right through, others it would crash, but this wasn’t bad unless the build was partly determined by practice and luck. In Raft, however, it forces you to use your intelligence… or non-intelligence if you’re me. But anyways, the amount of wood could have been cut down on some levels, because you could keep doing the same old build. Still, Bricc used Raft to make the player think outside of the box.

Hazard placement:

Raft’s only hazards are the slopes, which was a good thing, and built upon the level that precursor it. I felt that some were easy; some were hard. The icy river was probably the best level because of the ingenuity and creativity, that made it stand out from the rest. The first big drop was also decent because it stood apart, until the later levels, where the idea was repeated practically every time.


I feel like I’ve battered raft enough, so on to the pros! The idea of building a raft, and simulating the fall down a stream was a great idea. You had so much creativity and could add wood any way you want. If your build doesn't work out once, you could always try again, until you got it just right.


The inconsistency and repetitiveness were big issues. The difficulty was a roller coaster of easy and hard. The hardest level was the last, but the others were in no particular order, besides maybe the first level. The repetitiveness of the gameplay and scenery got to the point of tediousness, and I made the same raft over and over again. I guess it could vary based upon the level, but you could still take advantage of your one build.


Gameplay: ___/_____
Scenery: ___.5/_____
Difficulty: __/_____
Placement: ___/_____
OVERALL: ___/_____

I do not think that Raft is feature worthy, but it isn’t far from feature worthy either. I hope to play more of Bricc’s games soon, and thanks for reading!


Raft Reviewed by ethan2009 on Sunday, June 2nd 2019. Oops! I Fell Off My Raft! - A game review written by ethan2009 for the game 'Raft' by bricc. Rating: 3