The Journey Through A Deadly Desert...

Review by ethan2009 on Monday, June 15th 2020
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Delirous Desert is a game created by sploderlegacy

The Journey Through A Deadly Desert

Review of Delirious Desert.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written an actual review, and when I was asked to take a look at this game, I decided I might as well publish one on this game.


When I first entered the game I noticed multiple houses built sloppily on a flat basic landscape. A few enemies also accompanied. But as the game went on, there was random scenery which differentiated each dozen tiles with a buildup of enemies on and on and they were unkillable with the powerups given. Yikes. Not a good first impression. Most of the gameplay felt extremely lacking a purpose. The action involved random, poorly planned enemies with the addition of low lighting and mercenaries making progression impossible. In fact, no one has beaten the game as the leaderboards show, and for obvious reasons. It is literally impossible without the use of glitches. The game seemed to be planned and tested very little and it showed in the final product.


The game’s scenery showed very little effort. Various shades and tints of brown surrounded the player’s aimless traveling. The color did not seem to flow or work for the type of game that it was. The start of the game was a flat desert scenery with sloppy houses and transitioned into a bizarre landscape. Well-positioned back tiles were scarce and the lighting was awful with the game’s scenery. I was not impressed with this at all.


The game’s difficulty was a mess. It was practically impossible and escalated exponentially. Every single time you thought you would be rewarded with more health, you were only given more enemies to fight off. There was no end in sight to the dozens of enemies and hazards, and there were traps poorly placed when kicked by the “mercenaries” and finding yourself in a trap was inevitable. The difficulty was terribly hard.


Enemies seemed to randomly dot the desert landscape with no strategic planning. When trying to escape the first enemy that you were fighting you would find two more placed in an odd fashion. The enemy placement was poor, and the block placement allowed a way for traps and impossible sequences with mercenaries. The placement in every part of t

he game was highly lacking.

Final thoughts and Scoring:

Gameplay: 2/10 __/_________
Scenery: 3/10 ___/__________
Difficulty: 1/10 _/__________
Placement: 2/10 __/_________
Overall: 2/10 __/_________

All in all, the game was poorly tested, but was okay. I do believe that this game shows potential. Keep trying!


Delirous Desert Reviewed by ethan2009 on Monday, June 15th 2020. The Journey Through A Deadly Desert... - A game review written by ethan2009 for the game 'Delirous Desert' by sploderlegacy. Rating: 1