An Adventure On The Planet Of Tatooine...

Review by ethan2009 on Monday, June 15th 2020
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Space Tatooine is a game created by rockyroad797

An adventure on the planet Tatooine

Hello and welcome back to another review. Today, I’m reviewing Space Tatooine, a game by the member Rockyroad. After a debate whether this was feature worthy or not, I’ve decided to share my full opinion on the game, so without further ado, let’s get onto it!


The gameplay in space Tatooine wasn’t exactly a pleasurable one. Many areas of the game were seemingly built for frustration, and the enemies were placed horrendously, either resulting in having to redo parkour, or waiting in a ‘line’, but I’ll get more into that later. Although these parkours might seem creative - like the orange perm ones, or the trap door one - the execution was a tremendous letdown. In fact, the player can easily skip through parts when given the grapple or using old fashion sword climbing. Rockyroad implicated nothing to stop or make it difficult or the player to get around participating in each individual obstacle; and given how annoying these parkours could be at times, the player had zero incentive not to skip these areas.

After a while, this already basic gameplay became blander. The same enemies in the same types of spots were looped over and over again and basic unforgiving parkours weren’t uncommon. In my opinion, Rocky should have changed the gameplay up a lot after the halfway mark.


As I touched upon this earlier, in Space Tatooine, good placement was not an easy find. They were there directly after the trap door parkours, the orange perm parkour, and some sword climbing, resulting in the player getting knocked down and having to redo an already frustrating facet of the game. At certain times, this would just be annoying, but when the player got stunned from the enemy's fall, at some times, it would be a fatal consequence that no player should have to go through to finish off a game. This unforgiving and painstakingly annoying aspect of the game from the foe’s waiting post was what deterred me from spending a vital amount of time trying to take down this game. Additionally, there were many hazards - like the crushers later in the level - that were not placed well. The crushers - in fact - did not even touch the player, and so there was nothing no avoid from them, and no reason for them to be there.


The scenery in space Tatooine was a “spammy” sort of background. In some sections, piles of random doors would cushion your fall, and in other places, the tiles and the default blocks clashed in their style, and the buildings didn’t look good at all. Rocky should have either matched the colors better (as in marauder) or put the game in 8-bit (also in marauder) so that the tiles and blocks had similar vibes. I was really hoping that rocky took advantage of certain tile combos and blocks that went really well together, but unfortunately, he did not.


The difficulty of Space Tatooine was one of ups and downs. Some areas were simple and minimal damage was taken. Others were very unforgiving and could kill you for missing one jump in parkour. The game was so unforgiving that not a single part of the game’s entirety was even a slight bit enjoyable. Making it ⅓ into the game was stressful since a single misstep would cause a major redo of the game, making the player feel only frustration. Making a game difficult is fine, but unforgiving and frustrating is not fine in the slightest.

Final thoughts and scoring

Gameplay: 1/10 _/_________
Scenery: 2/20 __/_________
Placement: 1/10 _/_________
Difficulty: 1/10 _/__________

Overall: 1.75/10

The game was honestly an unforgiving mess of poorly executed proof of concepts and terrible enemy placement. I don’t plan on playing this game again unless it’s a life or death situation… Keep trying! With better executions of these concepts, the game would have been much better.


Space Tatooine Reviewed by ethan2009 on Monday, June 15th 2020. An Adventure On The Planet Of Tatooine... - A game review written by ethan2009 for the game 'Space Tatooine' by rockyroad797. Rating: 0.5