A Swing And A Miss

Review by ethan2009 on Friday, July 3rd 2020
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Crisis is a game created by mat7772

A Swing and a Miss

Hello, my fellow gamers. Today I will be reviewing Mat’s newest game called Crisis. It was recently featured, and many editors are calling it a new concept. Therefore, I will be taking a cbleep look at it.

Upon opening the game, a message briefed the player of the objective in this game. Basically, the goal was to collect the crates and crystals by following the arrows, and not letting the crates die. You may be thinking that this is a good, original, and fun concept. And if you think that then your opinion is WRONG. Here’s why. Following the arrows on a crate and not letting them die is NOT a new concept. It’s literally the entire point of a crate. They’re breakable and have arrows directing the player. This same “concept” is used in every game on the entire site that contains a crate in it.

The actual gameplay inside of Crisis was practically nonexistent. The entire game was dodging enemy shots. You did not have to attack an enemy a single time, and you could tank all of their damage while moving in a straight line and win. There’s nothing at all to do inside of the game, and I know for a fact Mat can do better than this, seeing amazing gameplay in his second most recent game “Ride”.

You’d think a game without a concept, and without any gameplay would at least have some decent scenery, right? Not in the case of Crisis. The scenery was typical of any average shooter game, and running in circles collecting boxes while staring at walls isn’t something that I would ever consider fun, especially not something that I would consider feature worthy.

The placement in Crisis is the only thing Mat did a decent job with. There was a good amount of time to sprint to a crate and then dash back in order to collect the next. The crystals were typically a nice distance away from the crate, but were sometimes too close, and made them too easy to collect. Again, the placement was much better in his other shooter “Ride”, and placement could have been improved if Mat took the time to analyze the distance from crates to crystals.

The enemy placement was terrible however, as the enemies didn’t need to be touched in order to find success in this game. Additionally, there was an excess of health so that the player could tank every bit of damage without a care in the world. I really wish there was just something to do in this game.

Putting all technical ratings aside, the next thing I looked for is a fun factor. Or at least, I tried to look for it. There was nothing fun about this game as you never hit an enemy or do anything in it. I really wish that Mat would have put some time into this game as the lack of effort really shows. His other shooters are 20 times better than this, and allowing a cheap feature-count boosting game like this to remain on the featured page wouldn’t be on my to-do list.

Ratings and conclusions:

Gameplay: 0/10 (You run in circles collecting boxes, never fight or literally do anything).

Scenery: 5/10 (Average).

Placement: 6/10 (Block placement was great, enemy placement… not so much).

Fun: 2/10 (There’s nothing to do inside of Crisis).

Overall: 3.25/10

Mat, I’m begging you: If you ever choose to make another game, PLEASE give the player something to do. Literally anything to do would be better than this. However, I think that the idea in Crisis would fit well if there was an actual game after, and this was just one small sequence of it. Therefore, Crisis was just a big swing, and an even larger miss.

SaltLord signing out.


Crisis Reviewed by ethan2009 on Friday, July 3rd 2020. A Swing And A Miss - A game review written by ethan2009 for the game 'Crisis' by mat7772. Rating: 1.5