Name Checks Out, A Game That Made Me Sleep

Review by ethan2009 on Wednesday, August 26th 2020

Name Checks Out, A Game That Made Me Sleep

Hi, I have decided to write another review and this time it is on Wiktor2’s EGD entry. This will probably be a short review because I’m bored and very lazy. With one EGD win to his name, I was expecting a truly great game. Did he meet my expectations? Well, let’s find out.


The gameplay in Bones Of Slumber was quite interesting. The player would explore towns, buildings, and exciting areas while fending off enemies and doing sidequests. A major downside to the gameplay was how boring it got, however, after backtracking or getting lost. There was little to no guidance in the text and I was wandering around thinking can this level PLEASE END!? However, the levels dragged on and on and on, and every time I was thinking “Hey, this looks like the ending!” Wiktor threw in another NPC telling me to circumnavigate the entire Earth once again. The lack of enemies and the fact that when there were enemies they were placed poorly made me want to cry my eyes out. The times enemies were used they were either glitching me out of the map or dotted on every platform making it near impossible to climb up. Yikes. And oh boy, I haven’t even gotten into the Minecraft graphics yet.


Wiktor. I need to ask you something. Why are there Minecraft graphics in this game? At the sight of Minecraft ladders and doors in a game where you’re killing skeletons, my eyes screamed and I wanted to click off the game. And then I actually did but decided to try the game again later. The graphics were very lazy. If you’re going to make a huge 12 level RPG for EGD, make your own graphics, have someone make them for you, or just find graphics that suit your game rather than using Minecraft graphics. The scenery was used quite poorly in the times when there were floating trees and floating sheep. I mean at least make the sheep’s fleeces golden so that it resembles a better game than you should go play. But if I’m being serious the levels such as Asmen and the buildings in the game looked very nice. The lack of lighting did not help the tone in certain areas when Wiktor could have added torches rather than forcing me not to use my shield. In the areas where the scenery looked somewhat decent, however, the tone was conveyed nicely, and Minecraft graphics, fortunately, were not on every level.


Don’t you just love it when you’re trying to jump up platforms and there are skeletons placed on each one and then 3 skeletons on one platform near the crystal? I don’t either. I also don’t like it when there are parkour jumps over lava and cbleeps blocking my movement so I fall into the lava and burn. That wasn’t very enjoyable. I additionally do not enjoy being bombarded by 30 bats at a time and watching my health slowly diminish while striking my sword out into the darkness. Polish and fixing your game exists, Wiktor. The block placement such as parkour and tunnels was not something I enjoyed the sight up. Parkour jumps could be too far away, and some too close and using unnecessary ladders. The placement in this game overall was just a mess. This could have easily been fixed up with a bit of time and a bit of testing, but there are many games that are rushed before EGD, and my review is rushed, so I can’t criticize too much.


This is what I wanted to talk about. For one, the story in Bones Of Slumber was VERY creative. It was well executed and enjoyable to read each character’s dialogue. The settings at each level were also nice to look at because I knew each time Wiktor would make a level more creative than the last. Wiktor uses rare objects like laser beams, cl0sers, and steamers, which although underused, there’s an obvious reason for the low usage. I loved the creativity used in exploring different areas of the map and the dialogue directing the player there. I do wish that some of these creative ideas were executed better, however.

Final Thoughts and Conclusions:

I know I was harsh on this game, particularly the Minecraft graphics, but all in all it was a solid game. Sure it lacked polish, sure there were Minecraft graphics that completely ruined the atmosphere, but this game is for sure feature worthy. Do I think this is a top 3 EGD game? No, I don’t. But it really is a decent game, and you should consider playing it, too. Ethan out.