The Experience Of A Game That Makes Me Cry Pure Salt

Review by ethan2009 on Wednesday, August 26th 2020

The Experience of A Game That Makes Me Cry Pure Salt

I know this has been reviewed already, I know, I know, I know. Go away, don’t insult me.

Cryptic Cathedral.. Magnar n Syndri is a game that I didn’t enjoy one bit while playing. I know that sounds extremely harsh, and I’m sorry, but it just was not enjoyable. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings more than I have to so I’m going to justify my reasoning instead.


The gameplay in Cryptic Cathedral.. Magnar n Syndri was very weak. The player would go around jumping into random tunnels with no guidance on where to go, and also got kicked back for a solid 5 minutes in a level with natives and archies, and then fell into the lava from ice parkour on the final boss, lost their powerups, and regretted being alive for that minute after falling. You didn’t feel like that?... Just… just me? Oh. Okay. The rest of the gameplay, other than those 3 awful, awful levels was just forgettable. Right after playing, I’m not sure what happened because it was drowned out by a sea of flaws.


The scenery in Cryptic Cathedral.. Magnar n Syndri was nothing special in the slightest. It was weak for most parts and didn’t set a convincing tone. It was hard to differentiate from back tile and something you can walk on or climb on for the most part, and I wish it was easier to tell. There isn’t much to say since the scenery was rather repetitive and stayed the same for half of the levels, and the other half of the levels I wish I could forget about them as easily as I did the others.


Lava over ice as a final boss makes both me and the entire category of placement cry salty tears. As for the enemy placement such as getting kicked back for five minutes, that’s just as bad. This game takes a real hit when it comes to placement because it’s just so weak in every sense. And again, I’m truly sorry I have to criticize this game so much when there was an obvious amount of effort into it, but it was just so lackluster and uninspired when it came to the placement.


I think this was supposed to be a puzzle-ish game? I’m not sure because the puzzles felt like normal gameplay to me. So in short, the puzzles weren’t even enough to qualify for the easy to meet the rank of being a puzzle. This is a rather short paragraph because there’s nothing more to say other than one word: No.


I’m going to say this once, and do not take this the wrong way. There’s some creativity in this game because everyone else that ever made a plat had the common sense to not use these ideas. I wish I could sugarcoat it but ice parkour as a final boss, getting kicked back for 5 minutes, and jumping into random tunnels was just not a good idea at all. It was really hurting to play these levels.

Final Thoughts And Conclusions:

I’m really, really sorry for being this harsh on the game but it had all negatives for me and nothing I could really enjoy about it. I do not find this game to be feature worthy but I hope Wordi continues to make plats because this did show some potential if the flaws were fixed. Ethan out.