By evilbrainkiller :: Saturday February 19th, 2011


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you'll need these clues to help you pass the Game or then you're just going to figure out by yourself: =Level 1:left-left-right corner (Reversed)! =Level 2: clue#1:the Crystals are not useful Clue#2: the lion is one step away from his slaves! clue#3: to the very far side of the 2nd statue then to the far left then to the far left again! clue#4: I Hate Spiders!!! =LEVEL 3: Don't look to the lier Ninja! =LEVEL 5: clue#1: Sometimes Changes have some Bad Effects Clue#2: the less...the Better LEVEL 6: clue#1 Windows live Messenger!!!!! Clue#2: Invisible for your eyes only--- Notice: When Playing the game turn on the music and listen to ke$ha-blow song it will be good for the


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