WWII USA Take Action

By fin82 :: Sunday December 2nd, 2018


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3 Winters ago soviet forces conquered the German capital of Berlin. Now with Hitler in exile the soviet's puppet regime rules from the Krolloper. With the soviet focus on the west, Japan has been free to continue their aggressive expansion, threatening our allies in the region. On the home front men and woman are working around the clock to producing guns, tanks and supplies to aid the remaining free nations of Europe. While building our own forces to counter the ever-rising threat of war. Should the Communists dominate Europe and Africa, and The Japanese in Asia and the pacific, then the claws of tyranny will soon graps for the lught of american democracy our attempts to avoid war, have proven futile as the enemy continues to enslave more nations of the world, capturing more and more resources critical to the advancement of mankind, We must take action! The time for conflict is upon us. How long can the US hope to avoid the cost of war on it's shores?


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