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Review by firetrolik on Sunday, October 21st 2012
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Kestrel is a game created by tedbear2

My warm greetings sparkle

Hey guys, welcome to firetrolik's 5th review as currently counted up! Before I say anything, allow me to bunch a few things up and stick them into a good point of perspective, I'll also let you people in on some of the pluses I've brought up with me today. Lately I've been surfing down the featured games list in search for the most spotlighted and well created platformers down that list of glory, ran by our editors. I've brought back some forming words and stepped back into that brand new generation of true platformer gaming, these creators today potentially uncover their true power and control over game making, including tedbear2. Ted's a truly familiar and frankly popular member on both the main site and the sploder forums, most of us should be familiar with him from what I can tell on the upper hand. I must admit that literally I was thrilled from expecting to see a great game created by tedbear2, who knew this person would show up as such a hero and bring up a feature for me to uncover through the eye of success? The plus I mentioned in the beginning is that I won't spill my good words again like I did last time when attempting to write a review, I'm sure I have exactly recovered a high enough degree and potential for reviewing to serve up my 5th. The title Kestrel is something new, something unique, I must say. A word we've never heard of (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong), that's what impresses me most and just what I'm seeking to write up another successful review for all my fans out there and to impress myself, too. I guess it would currently be the best idea to quit talking up introduction words and beating you with it, so I'll slide on down to the thumbnail.

The thumbnail, this is truly what caught my eye beforehand giving Kestrel a good go. Hence I'm quite impressed about the thumbnail, no question about it. Blockhead must be seeking shelter behind that front grass to hide from the picture tedbear took, although I'm not 100% or completely sure why this steps in right now. It's hard to tell wether there lie one or two wood post, staring deeply into this or examining even further will not have any effect at all, sadly, however I assume (due to what my eyes are telling me) that there's 2 wood posts instead of one down there, squished by the floor the wizard is standing on, although I'm not sure what his speech is, I can never remember reaching this place during my gameplay on this great game, Kestrel. I discovered something new, something odd just now. 3 purple circles are revealing some (possibly) invisible switches, at least that's what I seem to come to think of it as at the moment. How could I have missed that grass running down the top of the roof right above the wizard, my insights are possibly betraying me right at this moment, at least that's my perspectives of how I think of this, since I'm actually quite perceptive for real. I'll have to ask myself one thing, why is that owl hovering above those hot blocks exactly? Another odd but interesting feature, I like it. This must've possibly been created to lure the player into a trap and stop them from beating the game, or just to purposely bring their health down and make the game itself seems more difficult for the player. The caveln (or whatever you call it) allocated down the bottom seems to suit the theme over here. Maybe there could be some sort of secret tunnel down there, something I should probably know about? I guess that this will currently at the very moment do for the thumbnail, scenery's up.

I'm happy to say that scenery was a positive and outstanding aspect of the game, to put this into more detail it was a major pro of the game and not a con at all from what you could tell if you played the game yourself. According to the thumbnail tedbear projected a green atmosphere turning to a green sky, marking the possibility of a forming forest down there. Not exactly sure what the background style was chosen as during the pre-creation, but it looks familiar, it's on the tip of my tongue. Before stepping down here I should've probably warned you that I won't have much to say about scenery, just as always, I apologise.

Due to the slight track loss on scenery I'll drag us down on to the puzzles and traps to hopefully get back on track and make this work. Not many to be seen around here, but quite a few, and some are even purposely created to be suspected by the player during gameplay. It's a good idea to let you in on one of them and how they work, however I'll refrain from giving away the location or how to fall into that trap due to walkthrough reasons. The trap will lure you into a hole with a magic switch inside. Once you drop, you'll be shocked at the insights of a cIoser trapping you in a block of lava and forcing you to live a slow and painful death as you suffer this fate. Especially if you turn out to lose your lives on your way, this will terminate any chances for you to stand out and have a spot reserved for you on the leaderboard, so be careful not to fall into such a trap. If you do, it's game over and your dreams are CRUSHED! I must admit I wasted my writing energy right now, so I'll just have to move on to more specific things.

Is this game feature worthy?

From what I saw, this game is feature worthy and I'm not surprised to see it down on the featured list. To summarise all my thoughts, this game was perfect and gave me a good taste. Tedbear, congratulations on your feature, and I wish you good luck on any other projects you're on.


- Nice scenery

- Good thumbnail

- Addictive and unique


- Not enough puzzles and traps

- Game is slightly laggy or glitchy


Thumbnail: ____/_____
Puzzles & Traps: __/_____
Scenery: ____/_____
Addictiveness: ____/_____
Originality: ___/_____

Overall: ____/_____

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Kestrel Reviewed by firetrolik on Sunday, October 21st 2012. Another Epic Game... - A game review written by firetrolik for the game 'Kestrel' by tedbear2. Rating: 4