Gimme Dat toothbrush!!!

By flip :: Sunday July 27th, 2008


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"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!"You Scream as The badmen locks you up in a cell."It's no fair!You can't take ma toothbrush!!!" "Too bad.Our master happens to like your toothbrush."The man said. "But,I got dat toothbrush for my birthday!"you cry. *The man glares at you* "i said too bad kid."He yells. "But..."You start. "Shut-up!"He yells even louder. "Yes sir."You say like a young gentleman. "I thought i told you to shut up."He Shouts. "Oops"you say softly. "I'm gonna kill you!!!"He screams yells and shouts at the same time. "Silence"Says the master. "I'm sorry my fine sir"Said the man. "Don't kill the kid"The master said calmly "I won't"The man said whimply. "I like my new toothbrush."The master says to the kid."Muahahahaha!!!"The master yells. THE END. Inspirid by my baby sister,Who tells me to give her her toothbrush back.


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